Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why I Wanted to Self Publish (& You Could Too)

I responded to a comment on a fellow writer friend’s Facebook post the other day in which someone had said “You’d have to be desperate to self publish with Amazon“. I couldn’t resist the urge to challenge them on their assumptions about self publishing. I’ve published 3 fiction novels and […]

16 Great Ways to Re-purpose Content

Every time you write a piece of content you’re creating something new, something with the potential to use over and over again. I recently told a client I was lazy. He gave me a crooked look and said; “Way to sell yourself, Amy?” …I’m lazy because; I like to have […]

To Follow or Not To Follow… That is the question?

Follow Twitter is my favourite social media channel for business. It’s quick, simple and allows me to interact with people I would never have the opportunity to reach otherwise. I’ve even had actual conversations with celebrities and people I admire – that’s just awesome! Twitter is a great connector and […]