Monthly archives: April 2016

Advice to your 16 year old self – part 2

  A few weeks back I shared the one piece of advice I would give to me 16-year-old self: Embrace your weirdness, it’s what will make you interesting and successful in the future. I posed this question to other entrepreneurs on the blog and on social media and received lots […]

Business is a Journey not a Destination

Working for yourself is a journey rather than a destination, however, we often reach way points on that journey. I’ve just reached a turning point in my business, and the culmination of a journey that started for me back in 2010 when I had the spark of an idea for […]

What Makes a Good Manager?

I’ve seen some colourful content butterflies flitting around the inter-webs recently on what makes a good manager. This one – by the Chartered Management Institute –  caught my eye: I’m going to keep politics out of this because I believe it can be a dangerous contaminant in the workings of […]

Advice to your 16 year old self – Part 1

I was an introverted and weird teenager. Writing bad, angst-fueled poetry and smelling of incense. I made questionable fashion choices that involved colourful tasselled skirts and hiding in massive unflattering jumpers. While everyone at school was listening to Spice Girls I was listening to Clannad – I stand by my […]