Monthly archives: August 2016

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

So you’ve written a blog post. You’ve read through it a couple of times, looked at the preview to make sure it’s all laid out properly on the page, you’re hovering your mouse over the ‘Publish’ button. You freeze. Freak out. You read it again. You spot another mistake and […]

Rock Your Writing with a Blog

    I started blogging in 2013. What started as a way to share ideas, evolved from a bit of fun on Blogger to an integral part of my marketing strategy to build my consultancy business. Although, I admit, I’m a bit slack at monitoring the stats behind my marketing, […]

Follow Your Dreams (but not for these 10 reasons)…

I’ve been following the progress of one inspiring young entrepreneur in the states for a while now, Marc Guberti. He’s written a couple of guest blogs for me in the past: 4 Ways to get More Twitter Chatter 3 Ways to Get Better Time Management He is also a prolific […]