Monthly archives: July 2022

How Do We End The Culture Of Waste?

This infographic about minimising waste popped up on my Facebook feed and I had to share it. We are all consumers and we all have power. Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise! Waste – It’s Not About Recycling Minimising waste in not the same as responsibly disposing of […]

Five Blogging Myths Busted

5 Blogging Myths & How to Beat Them

What’s stopping you from blogging in your business, right now? Is it one of these commonly held 5 myths? Or is there an FAQ that’s holding you back? As a blogging mentor, working with businesses, I hear these misconceptions all the time. They knock people’s confidence, they are overwhelmed and […]

Common Mistakes That Damage Your Digital Presence

Building an online presence that truly reflect you and your business is an ongoing challenge. It’s tempting to try to take short cuts, but there are 4 easy mistakes to avoid, as shared by one of our contributors. Easy Mistakes to make… Whether you are starting an online side hustle […]

Why I turned down a job