Sheridan and Blake

Business is a Journey not a Destination

Working for yourself is a journey rather than a destination, however, we often reach way points on that journey. I’ve just reached a turning point in my business, and the culmination of a journey that started for me back in 2010 when I had the spark of an idea for […]

Advice to your 16 year old self – Part 1

I was an introverted and weird teenager. Writing bad, angst-fueled poetry and smelling of incense. I made questionable fashion choices that involved colourful tasselled skirts and hiding in massive unflattering jumpers. While everyone at school was listening to Spice Girls I was listening to Clannad – I stand by my […]

New Year’s Resolutions for your Business

Happy New Year! The tradition of setting new year’s resolutions can be traced back into prehistory. The Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year, the Romans began their year making vows to the god Janus (January is named after Janus) and medieval knights would reaffirm […]

30 Days to First Draft

Why wait for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)? There’s no rule that says the only time you can try to write a novel in a month must be November. I knew that August would be a fairly quiet month for me and I really want to get the last book […]

No excuses… just write!

I have always had a side business while working and only now am I fully self employed and dependent on my own entrepreneurship to make a living. It’s both a scary and exciting time. In the space of a few moment I swing from; “This is fantastic, I love working […]

7 Things Readers Want from a Great Holiday Read

While the sun is shining, thoughts inevitably drift towards relaxing by the pool or on the beach with an engrossing book and a cocktail… When it comes to books, these low cost treat or gift items peak in popularity at different times of the year. Books are always a popular […]

The Pleasure and Pain Of Writing (and a chance to WIN)

My rented apartment on Blogspot keeps drawing me back! My content focused on writers and writing skills, tips, advice and inspiration wants it’s own place so it gets to live on ‘Idea-ism‘! This week, in response to a feature on Writers Digest; I’ve written my own take on the ‘normal […]

The Editing Process: 4 Top Tips

Getting your story out of your head and onto the page is just the start. Next comes the lengthy and sometimes traumatic editing process. In February 2015, I completed the first draft of the first part of my next novel;  Gabriel’s Game This story is in two parts, written as […]

Hello and Welcome!

It’s alive! *commence-evil-megalomaniac-laugh* “Mw hah hah!” Welcome to my cozy little place on the internet, come in, have cup of tea and a chat with me. I’m an author and entrepreneur: author+entrepreneur=authorpreneur My worlds as a Business Advisor and a Writer are now one, come in and explore. Find out […]