Business Skills Workshops

One of the biggest challenges creatives face is viewing what they do as a business. I struggled with this myself for years before I fell into a day job training start-up businesses.

Now, my world as a Business Trainer has joined my world as an Author and I’m passionate about bringing you into it so you too can build a robust business around doing what you love.

Is it time you invested in yourself and your business?

As an experienced, professional trainer and insatiable creative, I’m here to help.

My 6 core workshops tackle your challenges at each point of the Business Lifecycle:

Biz Lifecycle


I bring a little writer’s magic to business practice and a business-like approach to creativity.

Practical Productivity

Discover different time management, planning and prioritisation tools to help you achieve more.

Create Your Customers

Explore the reality of market research and use creative character development techniques to identify who your customers really are.

Minimalist Marketing

Incorporate marketing into your everyday activities and create effective marketing habits.  Explore content marketing and how customers don’t just buy people, they buy stories.

Blogging for Business

Discover how blogging can boost your sales, drive traffic, monetize your website, establish you as an expert and build your reputation.

Sales without the Sleaze

Overcome the fear of selling yourself and open a window on sales practices.

Price it Properly

Challenge your assumptions about how much things should really cost. Understand the true value of what you do and learn how to price things properly.

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Take away practical, simple and actionable tools, techniques and strategies to equip you to be better at business.

½ day workshops are £40 including tea, coffee and homemade cakes.

Workshops held at: The Tobacco Factory, Bristol, BS3 1TF

Offers available for multiple workshop bookings.