An Open Letter of Resignation. Dear Facebook… I Quit!

Dear Facebook We’ve been working together for a number of years now, but it is time for us to part ways. It’s you, not me… We can still be friends. Outside of work I’ll still hang out, it’s where so many people I know and care about gather. But I […]

Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Business – A Guest Post

Happy to host another guest writer on the blog this week. Thanks to Jill Phillips, a freelance writer from Buffalo, NY, for this contribution to get your creative juices flowing…   Creative Marketing Assets to Give Your Online Business a Winning Edge source: If you want to make an impact […]

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Communicating inclusively

4 Tip for Writing Inclusively Demographic Survey Questions – A Guest Post

I’m hosting a guest on the blog this week. Thank you Chi Whitley for sharing these insights:   4 Tip for Writing Inclusively Demographic Survey Questions   In 2021 and beyond, it is essential that your writing be culturally aware and inclusive, especially when writing demographic survey questions for internal […]

Review of Hello Fresh Meal Boxes

Living through lockdown is like Groundhog Day. The days repeat and merge into each other. Damp days of staying at home and barely communicating with any other humans. Even food is getting boring! We’ve been preparing the same old things for dinner. It was time for a little variety, to […]

Dinner for Two - A Review of Hello Fresh Meal Boxes

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The Book Struggle – Falling Out Of Love With Fiction

I always like to have a couple of books on the go. I’ll be reading a non-fiction book in fits and starts throughout my working week (the most recent business book was ‘Essentialism’) and I always read a fiction book in bed for a while before I go to sleep. […]

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What’s In A Name – How To Come Up With A Name For Your Business Idea

Are you agonising over a name for your business venture? It’s another year, and another rethink for my business. I’ve been mentoring startups for almost 10 years, and even though I’ve had a writing support niche, it’s been the mentoring that has consistently provided the lion’s share of my income. […]

What’s The Point of a Vision Board?

Here in the UK, we have started 2021 in yet another lockdown. via GIPHY I’m so over lockdowns, it’s getting boring now…   Apparently, having learned nothing from the last two lockdowns, some bright spark thought we should give it another shot – Third time lucky and all that…   […]

Creating a vision board

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Packaging Matters For Fashion Businesses

Making ethical buying choices can be challenging. One the one hand we want to reduce waste – especially single use plastic – yet on the other we have a budget to keep to, there are often compromises. Plastics take thousands of years to decompose and are causing massive damage to our […]