Lockdown Makes: Homemade Soap

Making toiletries and soap at home has long been on my radar. While we’re in Lockdown and staying home, we have been gifted time to get creative. I’ve been using some of my time to embark on random acts of creativity and learn and experiment with new crafts. I believe […]

Wash your hands with homemade soap

after the great pause change the world

After The Great Pause

    My newsletter at the start of March was about slowing down, less is more. I doubt many of us (certainly in the UK and US anyway) knew back then what was in store for us! We are a few weeks into lockdown now and settling into a new […]

A Time For Soulful Writing

  “One day I’ll quit my job and write a book!” Have you ever said that? Or what about… “One day, I’ll go on a retreat and write my book?” We’ve been gifted a unique opportunity. Lives have been put on hold, we’re encouraged to Stay Home  Save Lives. We are […]

Soulful writing

bullet journal the joy or journalling

The Joy Of Journaling

  Getting creative with a journal – I love stationery. I have loads of notebooks. And coloured pens, and stencils and stickers. When I saw this book I knew I needed it in my life.   So, what is a Bullet Journal? It’s a planner, to-do list and diary that […]

If Your Homepage Isn’t A Sales Funnel, You’re Missing Out

  This is a timely submission from a contributor as I am just in the process of updating my website with my 2020 offering. This is an interesting take on how to make your website work harder for your business.   If Your Homepage Isn’t A Sales Funnel, You’re Missing […]

Homepage sales funnel

getting creative for your business and personal development

How Awakening Your Creativity Can Benefit You and Your Business

When we talk about creativity, the first thing people think about is being ‘artistic’. I believe we are all creative, it’s part of our DNA. The ability to imagine possibilities is what makes us human. Just because you can’t draw, or play a musical instrument or write a poem doesn’t […]

Idea Sharing vs Idea Creating – Discovering Flipboard

It’s stressful having to come up with new and fresh content ideas all the time. But, what if I told you you didn’t have to? Millions of new articles, images and videos are uploaded to the web every minute of every day. There are endless possibilities, ideas and inspiration tucked […]

The world's most famous libraries

The World’s Most Famous Libraries From The Past and Present

  As a child, I have many memories of libraries. My dad has been researching our family tree for as long as I can remember, and before the internet, (yes, I’m that old!) research involved going to the library. Dad would be looking through microfiches of old newspaper records, obituaries, […]

10 Social Media Tools to Help You Write Better Posts

  Featuring another contributor, sharing a few useful tools to help write better posts.   10 Social Media Tools to Help You Write Better Posts Staying on top of everything in today’s digital-first world as a marketer can be a challenge because your list of responsibilities keeps growing. From advertising […]

Tip top top tips

Tapping into your creativity

The Monthly Creativity Challenge

It’s that time of year again where we look ahead, then set goals and intentions. When you work for yourself, it’s easy to make those intentions all about the business. However, when you are at the heart of that business, you need to look after you, too! I attended the […]