How Blogging Can Refine Your Business

Using blogs to expolre ideas. No writing is ever wasted. Use blogs to test your market   Blogging for professional Development webinar recording… then transcribe.

why i dont believe in copywriting

Why I Don’t Believe in Copywriting

Cruising around on Facebook, I saw an image about copywriting that made my belly do a backflip. It said, “Why I Don’t Believe in Copywriters”.   My initial reaction was, “OMG! Who is this person saying something I think but I’m too scared to admit, for fear of upsetting my […]

When Is The Best Time To Start A Blog?

Starting a blog is a commitment – keeping your website alive, producing content regularly. But then, so is any ongoing project. Maintaining momentum and consistency takes time, energy and discipline. So, when is a good time to start? The simple answer is… now! There is never a ‘right’ time to […]

When is the best time to start a blog

how to plan your blog

A Simple Formula to Plan Your Blogs

I set myself a writing challenge at the end of last year to plan and draft 24 blog posts. I wanted to have all my core blogs banked for 2018, freeing up time and as a basis for my marketing plan for the coming year. When I told people this […]

FREE Guest Blogging Resources

Just because you have a shop on a high street, doesn’t mean you can’t have a pop-up shop on another street from time to time… That’s how I view guest blogging. Staying in your own cosy little home on the internet, nesting in your own blog, is lovely and familiar […]

guest blogging resources - Idizeo list

death of Facebook for business

Is This The Death of the ‘Free’ Facebook Business Page?

Facebook. Love it or loathe it, is by far and away the biggest, and most popular Social Media Channel. I was one of the first few thousand people to join Facebook in the early days. I joined in 2007 when we were making plans to relocate our lives to Bulgaria. […]

Why I’m Not Goal Setting This January

(Article first published on Linked In) Be honest, how many years have you set yourself New Year’s Resolutions, a goal that’s forgotten by February? Are you one of the millions of people who join a Gym in January, go once then let their membership lapse? (I’ve certainly done that!) Every […]

Why I'm not goal setting

Improve the experience of visitors to your website

3 Excellent Ways To Improve Your Visitors Experience On Your Website

It’s been a busy year in my evolving business in 2017, with many more visitors to my blog and some fantastic and inspiring businesses working alongside me. I’ve been beavering away in the background, collating all my expertise on blogging into a series of online workshops I can coach clients […]

Defining a Content Marketing Strategy For Your Blog

At this time of year we’re planning our marketing strategy for the year ahead. But what do we mean when we talk about ‘Content’? I’m proud to host a guest on the blog this week, who reached out from down under, in Sydney. David Webb shares his insights on the […]

know your reader content marketing strategy

sharing story for PR

Sharing your Story for PR

This month, I was honoured to be a finalist for the Women’s Business Club Speaker of the Year. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to winning award for my business. Sure, I’ve worked for award winning businesses in the past, but never for me and my plucky little business!   […]