The Sheridan and Blake Adventure Series





In 1998, archaeologist, Dr Sasha Blake, left her mark on the scientific community as a student at the Varna Necropolis dig site. Later, while working on the finds from the dig, she meets ex-army antiquities expert, Tom Sheridan. They have a brief affair, but Sheridan has another agenda.
Years later, Sasha is recruited by a covert organisation, The Agency. Her mission, to find an artefact that was removed from the Varna site, an ancient and powerful box made of bronze.

She is partnered with Tom Sheridan and together, Sheridan and Blake become embroiled in an ancient mystery that spans the globe and the ages.
As they uncover a conspiracy and an ancient brotherhood, their relationship changes. Often volatile, sometimes tender, the tension between them rises as the stakes increase.
When one mystery leads to another and as questions are answered and their enemies defeated, more are waiting to destroy them.
Follow Dr Sasha Blake and Agent Tom Sheridan, as they unravel an international conspiracy and discover much more than either of them bargained for.