Solomon’s Secrets


Dunhaung, China 1908 – An archaeologist discovers an ancient temple, but the legendary library rumoured to be at its heart is what he really wants to find.

The present – Archaeologist, Dr Sasha Blake is studying a replica of an ancient manuscript at Bristol University.  Offered sponsorship by a wealthy silk trader, Jon Solomon, she is desperate to locate the original and four powerful rings that accompany it.

But her investor is hiding terrible secrets. When Sasha becomes his next victim, she wants revenge.
She agrees to work as a double agent for a covert organisation, The Agency and becomes the bait in a web of conspiracy to catch Solomon.  Once again, her life collides with Agent Tom Sheridan and as their relationship deepens the stakes are raised.

Can Sheridan and Blake find the manuscript in time to stop Solomon, or are they about to fall into his trap?

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