Monthly archives: June 2015

7 Things Readers Want from a Great Holiday Read

While the sun is shining, thoughts inevitably drift towards relaxing by the pool or on the beach with an engrossing book and a cocktail… When it comes to books, these low cost treat or gift items peak in popularity at different times of the year. Books are always a popular […]

Stop That! You’re Doing it Wrong…

Anyone who knows me is aware I’m pretty chilled out. I can count the people I’ve ever encountered in my life who have the ability to push my buttons on one hand – but in the business world there are some things that really rile me. Often such activity and […]

The Power of Networking – Top Tips

The internet is a great place to make connections, but there is no substitute for physically meeting people. The people most interested in you on social media and most likely to happily share your content are those that have actually met you. The key to social media is ‘social’. It’s […]