4 Proven Ways To Boost Your Website Ranking

How can you be heard in all the digital noise? Use these contributor’s tips to help people find your online business.

4 Proven Ways To Boost Your Website Ranking

4 ways to optimise your website

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Today the global marketplace is more accessible, inclusive, connected, and broad. Experts recommend websites as an excellent way to be visible in this competitive space. And search engine optimisation is crucial for standing out, beating the competition, and succeeding in your business. This is especially crucial considering there are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google daily. So if you depend on people to find your business via the internet, consider these proven ways to boost your website rankings. 

1) Regularly publish relevant content

How long users spend on your website influences your search engine ranking. Studies have shown that website visitors spend more time on websites when they are regularly fed with content that meets their search queries directly. And they will keep coming for more if you provide refreshing, newsworthy, and exciting content. Additionally, your site rankings will increase when users bookmark your site from popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Explorer, etc. Providing relevant and high-quality content can increase the odds of your website being bookmarked by users. 

2) Improve site speed 

Your page loading time is critical for several reasons. To begin with, if your load time is too slow, Google will notice and penalise your ranking. A slow website will also negatively impact how your site visitors interact with your content. That’s because long load times will annoy users and keep them from engaging with your product or service. And your bounce rate may increase by 32% if your page load time grows from 1s to 3s. As a result, your ranking will suffer from those bad interactions. Slow websites are perceived as irritating, if not untrustworthy. Consider Google’s free PageSpeed Insights or one off SEO audit tools to analyse your site’s speed and optimisation opportunities. 

3) Write for humans, not SEO

It is tempting to focus solely on satisfying search engines when improving your website’s overall SEO status. However, this can be counterproductive, especially when you create content for search engines instead of their targeted audience. At the same time, your overall objective is SEO and boosting your site ranking, the best way to prioritise your target audience. One thing worth noting is that search engine algorithms are clever enough to recognise when you create or develop content for them instead of humans. Google, for instance, can penalise your website when they feel you are attempting to trick their system. 

4) Optimise your images  

Pictures and other media content are an excellent addition to your website. However, you must correctly optimise your photos if you want them to help your website ranking. This may mean paying attention to file type and size since large graphics can drag your page loading speed. Optimise your photos by resizing or compressing them. You may also use them to incorporate keywords by appropriately naming them.

Improving your site’s traffic is not an easy feat. But it can be relatively easy with the right strategies. Consider the tips above to rank better in organic searches and increase your site visitors.

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