One Question Businesses Must Keep Asking Themselves

I woke up this morning, lay in bed a for a few minutes just visualising and reflecting on my day, and a question popped into my head – one I realised I’m not asking myself enough:


What will you do to make money today?

Having been employed all my life, with self-employment only ever being a part time hustle until last year, it occurred to me that this is a question I’ve never even considered before.

You get used to turning up to work every day, doing what’s expected of you and getting paid at the end of the month. And let’s be honest, many of those days are unproductive, days where you get into work, are bombarded with all manner of distractions, achieve nothing and go home!

If you have days like that in your business, invariably, they’re unpaid!

The fact I’ve never asked myself this question until today is, frankly, ridiculous, considering I’ve been fully self-employed for almost 18 months!

Sure, I’ve asked: ‘how will this business make money?’ – then I’ve been hung up on plans, goals, strategies, long-term vision, helping people, meeting people, raising awareness saying yes to anything that vaguely smells like an opportunity…

Liking saying yes to a last minute call to be on TV yesterday (watch me on Made In Bristol TV HERE)

And saying yes to my business buddy, Hils Crisp, when she proposed a joint workshop for women in business struggling to pay themselves a sensible wage (ironic, I suppose!).

There are only 6 places on the workshop ‘Price Yourself Properly’ on 23rd November and the early bird price ends this weekend, so get in there, or pass it on, quickly:

Eventbrite - Price Yourself Properly

No doubt, there will be people reading this, who’ve been self-employed for a while, sniggering – it’s obvious, right?

We need to question ourselves more

Conversely, I hope it resonates with at least a few others who don’t ask themselves this enough or, like me, have never been so direct with themselves!

make-moneyThis is such an important question, I’ve stuck it on a post-it note on my monitor as a constant visual reminder!

Today, I will make money by finishing the editing for my new 4 in 1 bumper eBook boxset and publishing it on Amazon.

(Read about the project on my Amy C Fitzjohn Author blog HERE)

So what will you do today to make money?

Tell us about your latest plans and projects…

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