A Simple Formula to Plan Your Blogs

I set myself a writing challenge at the end of last year to plan and draft 24 blog posts. I wanted to have all my core blogs banked for 2018, freeing up time and as a basis for my marketing plan for the coming year.

When I told people this (I like to tell people, then I feel accountable) – writing 24 blogs in just over a month – they were either overwhelmed by the idea, impressed that I could pull something off like that or dismissive of it because, “surely, preplanning your content like that squashes spontaneity and crushes creativity?”

Here’s my response to that…

Having a plan is not an anathema to creativity, it channels it. That’s why I chose that subject to be my first webinar of 2018. January is a great time of year to be planning and taking stock.

Plan Your Blog


Why 24 Blogs?

I recommend a minimum of monthly to my clients when they are new to blogging.¬† In an ideal world, businesses should blog weekly, but we don’t live in an ideal world! Telling someone who’s never blogged before to aim to do it weekly, is a little like asking someone to run a marathon when they won’t even run for a bus!

My business is all about the power of blogging to build your business, so I blog at least weekly (here or on my author site, on Linked In or as a guest somewhere) – however, having 2 a month already banked takes the pressure off. It also means that the other 2-3 weeks of the month, I have some wiggle room to be spontaneous.

I’m not about to suggest that we should all clear the decks and write 24 blogs! However, in the webinar, I did share simple tips and an exercise to plan your blogs for the year and make time to write them.

Watch the Summary of the Plan Your Blog Webinar here:

Step 1:

What do you want to achieve this year?

Step 2:

What events and activities will you be talking about in 2018?

Step 3:

Map these out on paper across the year

Step 4:

What themes occur each month?

Step 5:

What can you write about to encapsulate these themes?

Step 6:

Capture Ideas

Plan your writing to avoid writer's block

Step 7:

Write it up digitally – use the spreadsheet developed as part of my ‘Creating a Content Calendar’ workshop (it’s FREE)

Step 8:

Plan and protect time in your diary to write

Step 9:

Get writing!

I work through this, and other exercises in more detail in the Creating a Content Calendar workshop.

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