What Do My Blog Readers Need From Me? (A-Z of Blogging: Need)

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There’s a mantra in fiction writing, ‘Show don’t tell’.


Reader’s Need Context

Don’t tell us the character is crying, show us their heartbreak, describe the anguish in their expression. It’s much more powerful and compelling.

The same goes for your blog writing.

Blogging is not about writing an academic paper or impressing people with your big words and complicated acronyms.

Context allows your readers to empathise with your message.


Ask yourself what your readers really need from your words.

That’s why ‘N’ is for ‘Need’ in my A to Z of Blogging.

What do your reader's need from you?


Get Creative

Effective blogs take their cues from creative writing. They tell a story.

They show us why this business would be good to work with, by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise, building that all-important trust with every chapter in your story.

Every blog you write can be one of those chapters.

Review books to make connections

And because you are so confident in what you do, you are willing to give away your tips and advice for freeyou’re just that good!

A need for infomration

That’s the message you send with your generosity.


Don’t Be ‘That Guy’

Telling everyone how smart you are is just, well, it’s irksome!

Don’t be that blowhard boasting about your brilliance. It’s not big and it’s not clever!

Showing us what you can do, that’s far more likely to engender trust in you and your brand.


What They Need isn’t Necessarily What You Sell

They may ask for what they think they want, but building relationships will help you get to the bottom of what they really need from you.

Hint: They don’t just ‘need’ what you want to sell!

They need:

  • Reassurance
  • Clarity
  • Education
  • Support
  • Nurturing
  • To trust you
  • Answers to their questions
  • Their objections responded to
  • Proof you know what you are talking about
  • To like you enough to feel confident in your ability to give them what they want


If they want to buy, lead them to your sales copy with an appropriate ‘call to action’ on every blog post you write.

Show them you know your stuff, telling them isn’t enough.


What do people need from your blogs?…


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