4 Reasons Why Instagram Ads Are Effective

I have to confess; I’ve never been a big fan of Instagram… it’s just one too many Social Media platforms and yet more ways for Meta to access more of my data! However, as a business tool, it certainly has value.

But much like Facebook, getting organic reach is more and more difficult without paying Meta money so I’m please to host a guest on the blog sharing top tips to make the most out of an Instagram ad campaign. If you’re spending money as a business, you want to be sure you will get a good return on that investment.

When it comes to Social Media, increasingly, you have to spend money to make money.

4 Reasons Why Instagram Ads Are Effective

As a business, you might be interested in investing in Instagram ads as part of your marketing strategy, and you’d be smart to do so.

As a brand with 1 billion monthly active users, investing in Instagram ads is a no brainer for many different businesses of all sizes across the globe. But, what makes them so effective?

There are various reasons why Instagram ads are effective. These reasons include:

  1. They maximise your reach as a business 
  2. They help to build brand awareness
  3. They provide a convenient shopping experience for the customer
  4. They allow you to capitalise off engagement 

1. They Maximise Your Reach As A Business 

One of the biggest reasons why Instagram ads are effective is because they maximise your reach as a business. 

To put the reach of Instagram ads into perspective, they have the potential to reach 849.3 million users

When you consider that this number of users could translate to millions of leads, you can see why Instagram ads are so effective when executed properly.

By investing in your Instagram ads as a business, then, you are able to promote your services and products to a significant number of potential customers.

Regardless of whether you have a small business that’s still in its infancy or a multi-million pound venture, provided that your Instagram ads are of high quality and are in line with your brand, you will generate interest and traffic to your website through ads.

The more tailored and relevant the ads are, the more likely the customer will be to convert, emphasising just how effective ads can be when they reach the right audience.

2. They Help To Build Brand Awareness

A significant reason why Instagram ads are effective is that they also help to build brand awareness.

Brand awareness is essential for a business in terms of recognition on a long term basis, and it has a direct impact on current and future sales.

This comes down to the fact that 46% of customers buy from familiar brands, as if they’ve already heard of and recognise the name of your business, there is already an established level of trust.

As more people become aware of your business and what it stands for, the more potential you have to increase your sales and keep people coming back through your high quality service or products.

In short, brand awareness ensures people remember your brand and what makes it different to your competitors, all of which can be achieved through Instagram ads.

3. They Provide A Convenient Shopping Experience For The Customer

Another reason why Instagram ads are so effective is that they provide a convenient shopping experience for the customer. 

Not everyone has the time to aimlessly scroll through potential products, and difficult website navigation can often put people off making a purchase, thus resulting in you losing customers. This is where Instagram ads can come in handy for the consumer.

Instagram ads allow the consumer to shop directly by clicking on the ‘Shop now’ banner that takes you straight to the product in question. 

Providing the customer with a highly convenient shopping experience increases sales, emphasised by a study that found ‘⅓ of Instagram users have bought directly from an ad’.

This allows the customer to buy the product with minimal effort, saving on hours of precious time that they might have otherwise wasted scrolling. 

Image carousels also educate and inform users on more than one product and allow users to scroll through several products from your brand at once, emphasising just how convenient Instagram ads make it to purchase a product and how effective they can be for driving sales.

4. They Allow You To Capitalise Off Engagement 

Lastly, the reason why Instagram ads are effective is that they allow you to capitalise off engagement as a business. 

The best examples of Instagram ads are the ones you don’t even recognise as ads, as they fit seamlessly into a brand’s marketing campaign to inform and engage the target audience.

Video ads in particular have a higher potential to grab people’s attention. In fact, 38% of video ads receive more engagement than images.

Incorporating Instagram ads into your business’ marketing strategy therefore gives you the opportunity to capitalise off engagement.

The more authentic your ads feel, the more likely people will be to engage with them. Through sharing and saving relevant ads, as well as tagging others and commenting on them, your target audience will drive up engagement, allowing your business to reach wider audiences.

Written by Jemima Thomas for Amy Morse, on behalf of Aura Ads, a video production service in Cardiff.

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