A Word on Self Healing

It was a tough week.

Two new pieces of work, for two new clients, and neither went well.
As if, ‘perfect first time’ is the standard my brain thinks it needs to hold me to?
At the end of the week I went to bed, my brain telling me, “You’re a fraud. You’re a failure.”
Dark thoughts too difficult to share at the time.

The next day, sharing with my husband, “I feel like a right loser.”
He laughed.
A straight out belly laugh.
Like I had said the most hilarious thing he’d ever heard.
It wasn’t the reaction I expected.
Maybe some words of sympathy, reassurance? But no.

Clearly, after 28 years together, this is the person who knows me better than anyone.
Apparently, better than I know myself.
To him, my perceived ‘failure’ and subsequent labeling myself as a loser were ridiculous.

A zero tolerance approach to my self flagellation.

Why do we do it?

Why are we so downright mean to ourselves?

I’m not usually a doom scroller. But during some self-indulgent, time-filling scrolls I saw this…

Self healing writing

I’m sharing it because I actually did need it in that moment.

I can be a bit cynical about these ‘motivational’ posts (ironic, I know), but seeing the right post at the right time can make a surprisingly big impact.

So do it.

Share it.

You never know what difference your words will make to someone who needs to read them in that moment.

Do it just to be kind and helpful, with no expectations.

Overthinking = write

Writing, journaling, unintentional writing… it’s surprisingly powerful as a self healing tool.

So here I am, writing it, and honestly, I feel better for it!

Have you stumble-scrolled over something that you needed to see right there and then?

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