Becoming a Digital Nomad (Guest Post)

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Living The Nomad Life

One day, I’ll travel far and wide with Learn To Love Your Words and live the nomad life!

My vision has always been to travel. I want my business to be a means of doing so, for both myself and my husband.

I’ve started a just-for-fun ‘Roaming Entrepreneur’ blog this year to explore ideas for just that, and share the travel stories I already have.

I’m delighted to host a contributor who contacted me about their Infographic on Becoming a Digital Nomad…


Home Away from Home: Becoming a Digital Nomad


Remote working has been taking the working world by storm. More and more people are doing their work from home or their favorite coffee shop. Employers have wisened up to the fact that remote workers are often more productive, happier, and more likely to stick around. Not to mention remote workers can be more affordable, as office space isn’t required anymore.


As remote work has grown, so too has the number of people working from the beach, mountain tops, and other exotic locales. Unlike remote workers, this group doesn’t stand still for too long.


Who is this mysterious group? They’re digital nomads, and they’re growing by the day.


Can anyone become a digital nomad?

Working from a sandy beach or beautiful countryside probably just a tad appealing. If you’re wondering whether or not you can become a digital nomad, the answer is a tentative yes! Before you quit your desk job and start packing sandals, there are some things to consider and do.


You need to think about your skill sets and how you’ll earn a living on the run, come up with a financial plan for you and anyone accompanying you, and look into getting proper insurance for nomads.


Fortunately, we have this handy infographic that lays everything out for you. While no two people or situations are the same, these steps will make sure you get started on the right path!





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