A Vision For Freedom


Travel. Freedom. Exploring. Adventure. Escaping. What’s not to love?

When I worked as a startup trainer for an enterprise agency a few years back – while I was being trained in their teaching materials – I have a vivid memory of the first time I participated in one of the exercises we did with our clients.

The exercise was about having a vision.


Freedom to visualise

He’s my version of it – go on, give it a try…


Find a quiet, comfortable place.

Close your eyes.

Does the coffee fuel the writing, or the writing fuel the coffee habit?

Focus on your breathing for a moment.

Take a couple of long, deep, in and out breaths.

Now, imagine what your life will be like in 5 years time.

Where are you?

What are you doing?

Who are you with?

What can you see?

How does it sound?

Are there any smells?

How do you feel?

Think, don’t question, just let the feelings and images immerse you.

Stick with it for a few moments.

When you’re ready, take a deep breath in and out then open your eyes.

Now make a note of what you remember.


I saw the prow of a speedboat, as if I were lounging at the front, feeling the freedom of the wind and spray on my face as we rode the waves.

It was exhilarating. Fresh. Fun. The sun was warm on my back, the sea salty and cool on my cheeks…

Freedom on a speedboat


The second time I did this exercise, I was lying on my back looking up at a round skylight, surrounded by fabric, comfort and softness.

I interpreted this as being in a yurt…

Freedom inside a yurt


It was warm. Comforting. I felt cocooned yet in touch with everything around me.

There was a sense of anticipation, and again, freedom.


A Life of Speedboats and Yurts

Neither speedboats, or yurts feature regularly in my life in the city of Bristol UK. Although, we do have a great restaurant in a yurt – Yurt Lush – and ferries around the harbour (although they’re not especially speedy)!

In both cases, the lasting impression I took from these ‘visions’, was my deep desire to feel free.

To travel, experience new things. Feeling sea spray and sunshine and warmth and comfort.


The Heart of Your Business

It all contributes to really getting to the heart of what you want from your business, why you are doing it and how you want your future to be.

It doesn’t matter if the vision ‘doesn’t come true’

It’s about recognising what you want, feeling it, then focusing on it and striving for it.


When you’re driving a business forward, never lose sight of that overall purpose.

It gives you strength in the bleak times, joy when you find the meaning in your work and a positive goal to focus on.

Sunshine and Sea-spray

I know my life won’t always be sunshine and sea-spray, but the great joy of self-employment, for me at least, is the freedom to explore what I want, why I do what I do and find some purpose in my work and my life.

I called my business Learn To Love Your Words because in my own small, humble way, as a writer, I want to help others find their freedom in the art of writing.


Find freedom through writing for yourself…


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