Blog 2.0 – The New Idea-ism

I’ve been blogging for some time now and my blog is finally coming home…

My Blog is Coming Home
Blogging’s Coming Home

I started my ‘Idea-ism’ blog in 2013 as a place to assuage the affliction of ‘Idea-ism’.

Idea-ism is what I call the syndrome of having too many ideas. When I first started blogging it was a way for me to focus, order and share my thoughts and ideas.

Now with almost 120 posts on there, it’s packed with; inspiration, tips, cheats, techniques, sneak previews, short stories, Top Tens etc – check it out:

I encourage you to take a look at the archives – I’m surprised at quite how much cool stuff is on there, it bought back some fond memories going through to find highlights.

Here are a few of them:

  • Another post was this sweet little poem: A Head Full Of Popcorn

Take a handful of popcorn kernels, throw it into a frying pan and see it scatter.

Some of the corn will pop and settle.

Some will pop and fly out of the pan, forever lost down the back of the cooker.

Some will just smolder and burn and smell bad.

Some will stubbornly refuse to do anything, no matter how many times you try to cook them.

You can take a handful and enjoy it, but there will always be a few that taste funny or didn’t pop properly.

That’s how I would describe the way my brain works – I just have a head full of popcorn!

In 2015 I started the third of my 365 projects. This year is:

Authorpreneur Almanac

365 Adventures in Writing and Entrepreneurship

Part of it is moving out of the rented apartment of Blogsopt and into my own cozy crib here.

Look out for updates and inspiration.


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