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Looking for some creative ideas to get you business noticed?

Here’s a contributed post with five ideas to try:

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Now that the internet is dominating the ways in which we discover new businesses and our spending habits in general, businesses are having to find more and more creative ways of getting their services noticed. But with so many different marketing methods available these days, it can be challenging to know where to channel your budget. Well, here are a few popular and creative ways that you can get your business on the radar of new customers while still keeping your original clients interested as well.


Social Media Campaigns


Social media provides an instant portal of communication to clients that traditional marketing simply cannot match. So, you could try creating different campaigns to see what captures people’s imagination. For example, you could run a big giveaway over the course of a month as long as people like and share your posts. Alternatively, you could have a tip of the week where you give customers useful information relating to your particular sector.


Creative Video Content


Most businesses are heavily involved in content creation these days, but you can stand out from the crowd by creating video content to support your written content. But rather than just making it something that looks homemade and unprofessional, try prioritising slick video production and you immediately grab people’s attention. After all, consumers tend to have shorter attention spans these days so they are more likely to watch a video than read through a long-winded article.


Get Covered in the Media


If you can do something that gets the attention of the media, this is free marketing so it is certainly worth pursuing. So, you could try some sort of publicity stunt at an already promoted event or do something that supports the local community. Another way of generating media coverage is through sponsorship or you could even put yourself up for a business award. Sending out press releases whenever your company does something that is newsworthy should become second nature to you.


Send Out Newsletters


Many businesses make the common mistake of trying to always bring in new customers rather than focusing on the ones they already have. One way that you can remind your existing customers that you are still there is with a newsletter that details your latest developments, offers and anything else you think it is worth mentioning. Of course, email is going to be the most cost-effective way of doing this in the modern world.


Create Eye-Catching Mailouts


If you are going to send out mailouts, you want them to be big and bold so they capture people’s attention. For example, if you run a golfing company, you should shape the mailout like a giant golf ball or a flag. There is no point creating something that is run of the mill or it is much more likely to be thrown away as soon as it is received.


Marketing is a tricky area to get right in business, but you will have a much higher chance of success if you are creative in your approach.



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