Directing Your Energy – A Little Adventure in Kinetic Divination

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“Where your attention goes, your energy flows”

I have a vague memory of a work away day. It was so many years ago, I’m not even sure where I was working!

One of the team-building exercises was to describe each of the members of our team as a food item.

A colleague called me a ‘Knickerbocker Glory’.

knickerbocker glory what you see is what you get


His reasoning was that I had many colourful layers, but wasn’t afraid to show it. I was a ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ sort of person!

I thought it was rather apt.

I’m a pretty down to earth, practical and no-nonsense person.


Being Open Minded and Giving Things A Go

However, as I’ve embarked on ‘Little Adventures’ this summer, I’ve been saying yes to offers of experiencing things I might never have considered.

I’d never heard of ‘Kinetic Divination’ before. I’m still not entirely sure I know what it is, but when I met Donna Marie, I was curious to find out.

She offered me a taster session for Kinetic Divination and Muscle testing.


What Is My Monthly Income Goal?

We started by establishing that we would use the technique to consider how much I want to earn every month. I liked that, a practical, tangible thing that made sense to me – money in the bank!

Money in the piggy bank

Donna asked me ahead of the meeting what my monthly income goal was.

My immediate response was to say £2,000 a month. This, to me, seemed ‘realistic’, ‘sensible’, ‘doable’, ‘achievable’ and all those other practical words ending in ‘able’!

However, through Donna’s coaching practice, I realised that putting those filters on a simple question like, “how much do I want to earn each month?” was already putting barriers up.

I went for it and said, “£3,000 a month”. That would be great. That would give me and my husband financial freedom.


Measuring Energy

We did the session over Zoom and Donna pulled out her various charts and measured my energy, subconscious and conscious responses.

It quickly became apparent that in my core, I lacked self-belief. I doubted my abilities, I doubted my worth and I carried baggage and ‘energy’ from people close to me and their attitudes to money and success.

Donna then used visualisation exercises and the concept of a whiteboard, with a scale from 0 to 100%.

She measured the three pillars ‘energy’, ‘subconscious’ and ‘conscious’ against her charts using a crystal and scored where I was. Through the process, we then raised my score in the three core areas.

I have to say, I did feel better, but I’m not sure I fully understand how or why!

Obviously, lacking self-belief, doubting my worth and carrying old baggage is not going to magically be fixed during one taster session over a Zoom call!

Donna offers a more comprehensive programme, following a process.

However, just having these barriers identified and acknowledged is a good place to direct my own self-development energy.


Taking Action

What I did like were the practical activities and tools I took from the session.

  • Developing a mantra and using the Thymus Thump technique to connect it to my physical body
  • Self development Journalling
  • Posing questions to my subconcious and letteing it sit with the answers

I shared my immediate rection to the experience as a live video on Facebook

Measuring energy - watch Kinetic Divination review videoBefore the session, I had been feeling like some of those colourful layers in the knickerbocker glory had dulled over time. Afterwards, I felt brighter, lighter and curious to learn more.


To get in touch with Donna and learn more about how she works, connect with her online:


Holistic Body Mind Website






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