Get It Done! Don’t Self-Sabotage Your Blog (A-Z of Blogging)

Sign up to the newsletterTalking to a business colleague recently, she asked me, “are you getting in your own way in your business?”

I had to be honest and say, “yes”.

When you work for yourself, you are both the biggest asset and the biggest liability to your business!


Self-Sabotage Becomes An Art Form

You talk the ideas through over and over in your own head.

Talk yourself out of things.

Convince yourself some things are brilliant ideas and that others are pie in the sky.

Ruminate over that ever-expanding To-do list to the stage where you take no action at all because it’s an insurmountable amount of work to do.

The self-talk is the loudest when you are your only colleague.

the worst form of self sabotage

However, the worst form of self-sabotage you can practice in your business is to do nothing!


D is for Done on my A-Z of Blogging.

It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be done.

it doesn't need to be perfect. Blogging needs to be done

Be Mindful of Your Self-Sabotage and Change Your Mindset

Here are three reminders whenever you catch yourself slipping down that negative-procrastination slope of perfectionism:

1) Give yourself permission to be ‘good enough’.

Replace that perfectionist thinking with thinking realistically – 60% is above average. 70% is a B grade and 75% will still earn you an A!

Your blog just needs to be better than average to have an impact. The more you practice, the more your skills will improve.

2) Don’t let the fear of doing it wrong stop you from giving it a go.

If we gave in to every irrational fear that we ‘might’ do something wrong or make a fool of ourselves, we’d never achieve anything!

Unless you give it a go you will never give yourself an opportunity to improve!

3) Your writing is never as bad as you think

If I had a fiver for every person who tells me their writing is bad, I could sustain my business and never need a new client ever again!

Wherever you are on the ‘Skills Scale’ with your writing, there will always be people lower than you and always be people further along – most normal humans are in the middle somewhere.


Where are you on the The Skills Scale

…and you know what, ‘in the middle’ is good enough!


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