A – Z of Blogging: 26 Elements To Be Better at Blogging

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There is so much more to blogging than writing an article for the purpose of being found on Google. Plenty of reasons to blog for your business – some a little unexpected…

…Like doing it just for the love of it – that’s ‘L’ on my A -Z of Blogging – Love.

Over the next few weeks I’ll share some quick tips and insights on the power of blogging to build your business, and here’s a little taster of what’s to come.

I’ll be exploring 26 alphabetised elements of blogging to help you make the most of what you write. If you are putting the work in, it needs to be worth, right?


  • A = Authentic

We can spot a fake a mile away. There will only ever be one YOU, so why pretend to be someone you’re not?

  • B = Benefits

Write about the benefits of what you do, not the thing itself.

  • C = Creativity

Blogging is a very different skill to writing copy, writing sales information, letters or emails. It’s a creative rather than an academic exercise.

  • D = Done

It doesn’t need to be perfect but it does need to be done. Don’t let the fear of doing it wrong stop you from giving it a go.

it doesn't need to be perfect. Blogging needs to be done

  • E = Expertise

You don’t have to be the all singing all dancing guru in a subject, your expertise lies in your take on it and your experience.

  • F = Facts

Strike a balance between facts and story, and never confuse ‘facts’ with ‘opinion’ (what are you, Fox News?)

  • G = Google

Having a Google-friendly website is often the first reason people have for blogging, but there is so much more to it than that. There are a few on screen tweaks and tools you can use in your blogs to give them a fighting chance of being found in organic Goggle searches.

  • H = Helpful

Blog just to be helpful. Help others with the knowledge you openly share and let Karma take care of the rest!

  • I = Ideas

Keep it fresh and creative.

  • J = Jargon

Trying to impress us with your verbosity and acronyms isn’t big and it isn’t clever. Stop it!

Avoid jargon in your blogging

  • K = Knowledge

Openly and generously share your knowledge to build a profile for yourself as an influencer and an expert in your work.

  • L = Love

Above all else, enjoy it! Write about what you love and what you are passionate about, then articulating it in writing quickly becomes a pleasure.

  • M = Meet People

Starting conversations. Showcasing other businesses. Networking with other bloggers, is a great way to grow your network of contacts and make new friends.

  • N = Need

What do your customers and your readers need from you? They may ask for what they want but building relationships will help you get to the bottom of what they really need from you.

Hint: they don’t just ‘need’ what you want to sell. They also need reassurance, clarity, education, support, nurturing and proof that you know what you are talking about. Show them you know your stuff, telling them isn’t enough.

  • O =Oppose

It’s OK to be controversial and pose an opposite view. As long as you do so respectfully, and can back up your stance. Get people talking. Spark the debate that you believe needs to be had.

  • P = Problem-solving

Ultimately, the purpose of any business is to solve a problem. Your blogs are another way to demonstrate your ability to recognise, identify with and solve the problems that your readers and customers may have.

  • Q = Quirky

Be different. Embrace you own brand of weirdness. Show your personality. Be distinctive.

  • R = Re-purpose

Your blogs can become books, workshops, talks, videos, courses, content for other marketing materials etc… You never just write a blog once. If you write it yourself, you can add value and reuse your blogs across your business.

  • S = Social Media

If you blog, you never run out of great new content to share on Social Media!

  • T = Tips

Quick tips make great, sharable content.

  • U = Unique

The only thing truly unique about your business is YOU. Show us who you are.

You are unique in your business

  • V = VLOG

I’m a writer, but you can also blog by video – ‘Video Blog = VLOG’ – Experiment with different formats to share your words and go with what you enjoy ans what comes naturally to you.

  • W = Where

Where should you be publishing your blogs? What are the best platforms and what are their strengths and weaknesses? Do you use Social Media? Your own website? There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

  • X = XRay (What’s beneath the surface?)

Tenuous, I know, but your readers don’t just want to see the glossy veneer, you’ll garner much more respect and a loyal following by showing them what’s below the surface. How did you get to where you are today and what wisdom can you share through your story?

A-z of blogging: XRay, what's below the surface?

  • Y = You

People don’t just buy people, they buy stories. Your story is what makes you YOU. Share it, openly, warts and all!

  • Z = Zoom

Zoom in on one element of your business and show us behind the curtain. Zoom in on one element of your knowledge and give us a deeper understanding.

It’s that depth and focus that adds value.


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