How To Handle The Urge To Quit Your Blog

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Most of us have the urge to quit at some stage!

Sometimes it just feels like too much.

Have you ever felt like giving up on your blog?

Are you embarrassed by how out of date your blog is?

Are you ever tempted to delete it, quit it, stop your blog altogether?

How would that make you feel?

Would you feel like you’d failed?

Would your pride be wounded?


If you ever feel that urge to quit, and you know you need to do something to find your writing mojo again, here are my five top tips to help you get back on track and learn to love the process.

Watch the video below for more detail (it lasts about 20 minutes) but here are the basics:



1) Make time to think

So often, we’re just busy…all the time. We feel guilty if we stop. We feel like we have to be ‘on it’ all the time, especially in our businesses. When we stop, that nagging voice in the back of our brains starts chastising us, reminding us of all the things we ‘should’ be doing. That we’re not doing ‘enough’.


Enough is enough.

You can’t run on full steam ahead contantly, you’ll burn out. You need to look after yourself, you need to stay fresh. You need to make some space just to think.

Go for a walk. Turn the radio off in your car. Find a cosy cushioned corner and just stop to think. Do it guilt-free.


2) A stream of consciousness, write unintentionally

Just write, for the sake of writing. No one needs to see it. Write in a book. Alow your mind to drift. Dump the guff out of your brain and make some space in there to stretch your creative legs. It’s surprising what littler nuggets pop out when to clear away the word-cobwebs!

(Read more on ‘Writing Unintentionally’)


3) Bank raw writing

Capture your writing gems digitally and start to build up a bank or raw writing to use in the future.


Tip: dictate it from your handwritten ideas. I just email myself from my phone.

4) Block out time to write

Getting stuff out of your brain and onto a page is a cathartic process. Physically block some regular chunks of time out of your diary and protect them. You’ll only develop healthy writing habits by doing it regularly and consistently.

Stick to your times and even if you are in a creative trough, do ‘writing related activity’ (i.e. content planning).

You can get my FREE Creating a Content Calendar HERE to help you come up with ideas and organise your creativity to align with your business.


5) Show up with a positive attitude

If you show up for your writing time, telling yourself you can’t do it, that you’re writing is bad, that you have nothing worth saying, you will rarely

disappoint yourself!

Instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the positive.


Tell yourself that you’re looking forward to some time with your own thoughts and your own creativity.

You’re looking forward to the space to be mindful. To think, get all the rubbish out of your head and free up your mind. To be able to express yourself.


Don’t Quit!

Remind yourself of those feelings of satisfaction when you write something you can be proud of!



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