How Authors Can Re-purpose their Podcast Interviews – A Guest Post

This week, it give me great pleasure to share with you a guest post by the wonderful and inspiring Viv Oyolu.


Viv is an audio marketing expert, and has interviewed me twice now. I love her easy conversational style.

Here was my first interview with her where I talked about how Pinterest can be a powerful tool for writers:

And more recently, this is the full interview about my journey into writing and business:

Viv has worked in marketing for 20 years, had her own radio show and now works with authors.

She has also been featured the Sunday Telegraph as an inspiring woman.

Viv specializes in book marketing audio strategies for authors to increase online visibility and engagement. She has also recently published;  ‘How to use podcasts to promote your book‘.

Here are Viv’s top tips to re-purpose your audio content:

Viv's Book

Authors Re-purpose Podcasts

How Authors can Re-purpose their Podcast Interviews

One of the reasons I advocate for authors and writers to secure podcast interviews to promote their book, is because they can re-purpose the interviews in different ways, creating additional content that increases their visibility and connect with readers.

Since writing the How to use podcasts to promote your book, I have received comments from authors about the prospect of podcast interviews! It seems everyone ‘hates’ the sound of their voice!

If you are reading this and nodding, my advice is two-fold: You use your voice everyday – over the phone etc. Nobody has ever told you you sound ‘funny’ or ‘weird’; and that’s because you don’t. Secondly, getting ‘familiar’ with your voice takes practice. I would recommend recording yourself on your phone and playing it back to yourself. This will build your confidence and you start booking interviews to promote your book.

Re-purposing your interviews gives you content like I mentioned before, but it will only be valuable for you and to your audience if you plan ahead. As you outline your book marketing strategy, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve with your interviews.

You should decide which interviews will promote aspects of your book; and or which will promote you as an author and your author brand. There’s a difference. One is targeted specifically to niche audience with certain aspects that will appeal to them; and the other is more general – you are raising awareness about you and what you are like as an author. One interview can’t achieve both objectives.

In this post, I’ll give an example of how you can repurpose an interview, based on an interview I did with Amy Morse. Amy wanted to talk about herself as an author and raise awareness of how she works with other creative writers as an entrepreneur.

Since our interview was bespoke (Amy hired me to record the interview), we scheduled a brief chat so I could ask her what she wanted to achieve with the interview and I could prepare the right questions. Admittedly, this will be different when you are going on someone else’s podcast; but when you’ve planned properly – narrowed down your message – i.e. the key aspects you want to talk about and matched them to the relevant podcast shows, you will find gems of content within the overall interview that you can use to draw readers into you, your book and your author brand.

Back to Amy….

While Amy had the questions ahead of our interview, the interview was far from stilted. Amy had a lot more to say about herself and the interview captures her as an author and entrepreneur, as well as her personality which will endear her to new and existing readers.

The interview lasted just over 30 mins which is about standard for most podcast interviews; and out of it, I have pulled out 3 parts to illustrate how she can re-purpose her interview.

(a) Who Amy is and how she started writing

This clip is less than 4 mins long and Amy can use this to attract new readers and show her journey into writing. Many readers are writers and or would-be writers, so are always looking for inspiration – for someone who they can relate to and get them started on their own journey.

(b) Whats Amys writing process

I found Amy’s writing style fascinating! My book is non-fiction and we talk about how I didn’t realise that fiction writers are different. Amy can use this clip as a blog post for her website or as a guest post to compare different writing styles – asking her audience how they write etc.

(c) What Amy has been up to

As I mentioned at the top of this blog, Amy wanted to raise awareness of how she supports fellow creative entrepreneurs like herself. This is a potential income stream for her and because not all of her fans know this about her, it was important to talk about how she started doing this to demonstrate her expertise.

As you can see, these are just 3 clips that I have selected – there could have been more, but I thought these different aspects of Amy from the interview are a good indication of what’s possible.

You can do the same either by using a professional to record specifically or select one section from your interviews from the podcast shows you go on.

How to share your re-purposed content

We’ve used SoundCloud to share the main interview and clips which are easy to share across social media. If you don’t know about SoundCloud, the easiest way to describe it, is it’s the YouTube of audio. It’s a fantastic tool that provides a lot social media engagement – ideal for authors and writers.

SoundCloud offers 180 mins FREE use; and if you’ve been interviewed on 3 podcast shows for 30 mins each, and repurposed sections of these interviews, you still have capacity and not have to take up the paid service. You can find out at

Hope you’ve found this useful. If you will like to find out more about how you can plan and incorporate podcast interviews in your book marketing campaign, then How to use podcasts to promote your book provides a detailed strategy on how to plan and prepare. There’s more at:

A big thank you to Viv for contributing.

Audio is a great tool in your marketing toolbox and an often underutilized one. The great thing about audio marketing is that you can slip in some earbuds and feel a connection it the person speaking and you can also multitask more easily when listening to information, unlike watching a video where your main senses are both occupied. I find it a really useful way to absorb information and I would highly recommend Viv’s service and the book.

Find out about her services to authors here:

An get your copy of the excellent and accessible eBook HERE:

Connect with her on Twitter at: @AudioMktgExpert

Have you ever had an audio interview? Share your experience and links in the comments.

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