How Blogging Leads to Continuous Professional Development

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Working for yourself is a continuous learning journey, we learn and pick up new skills, throughout the life of our businesses, often without even realising it.


Are you actively investing in your own continuous professional development?

Blogging for continuous professional development

In the workplace, we rely on our employers to give us the training we need. During the course of our jobs, we come across things we don’t know enough about, gaps in our skills or new skill requirements as the nature of our roles change.

We ask the boss for the training we need, and may or may not get it.

Any half decent employer will recognise the need to invest in the development of their staff. They will budget for it. Those that don’t, will quickly lose their most capable and ambitious staff to employers that will invest in developing them!


A business ignores the training needs of their staff at their peril!


But, when we run our own businesses, we often neglect ourselves. Instead, we choose to invest in other assets, perhaps outsourcing work, or more often than not, we muddle along inefficiently because we ‘can’t afford’ to do anything else.

I refer you to the previous statement: “A business ignores the training needs of their staff at their peril!”

Ignore your own continuous development needs at your peril

In this case, YOU are the ‘staff’ – ignore your own needs and you do so at your peril!

Investment in YOU is an investment in the business.

Writing is one of those skill areas we take for granted and overlook. We’ve been writing since primary school, we’re used to doing it without giving it a second thought. But ask yourself, when was the last time you got some professional feedback on your writing?

Refine your writing witht he improvement formula.


But My Writing is OK, Surely That Will Do?

Will it? Do you want your business to be seen as just ‘OK’?

Or do you want it to be held in high regard?

Do you want your personal brand to be mediocre, or do you want it to shine?

Surely it’s better to be memorable (for the right reasons)?

What you write on your blogs is often the first contact a potential customer will have with your business.

They may be looking for a service such as yours, so they search online, do some Social Media stalking, and make a decision on whether or not they take your business seriously, based on what they read.



But I Have a Degree, I’m Quite Capable of Writing a Blog!

Are you? Writing academically is a very different skill to writing a blog!

Why do you think you don’t see academic papers shared widely on Social Media? It’s nothing to do with the value of the information, it’s all in the flourish. It’s all in the presentation.

A blog is conversational. It conveys emotion, passion, opinion, entertainment.  A blog tells a story.


How Does Blogging Help?

Creating healthy writing routines, getting feedback, testing your audience and exploring ideas are all development tools your blog provides.

Watch the reply of the ‘Blogging for Continuous Professional Development‘ webinar here for more top tips to invest in your own Continuous Professional Development by blogging.



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