Passion Projects #9: A Little Business Brilliance, with Lori West


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There are plenty of conversations going on about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, it’s refreshing to meet Lori of Business Brilliance – someone who is actively making it their mission in life to do something about it.

I had a call with Lori West last week and I’m proud to feature her as my lastest Passion Project.

Lori’s passion lies in guiding people to create healthy, abundant lives for themselves and others.


Let’s meet Lori,

When she’s not saving the world, she likes to sing, dance, discover new restaurants, play tennis, ski and practice yoga. Here is a little more about her story…

A Passion Project Interview with Lori West

Meet Lori West of Business Brilliance

Why did you decide to do what you’re doing? Tell your ‘Origin Story’

While on a meandering wander through the worlds of business, mental health, personal development and music, I picked up some very useful tools and skills. I realised that what really I really enjoy is supporting people’s blossoming into a state of being comfortable and happy in their skin. I realised people in business could really use some of that, so I set about establishing Business Brilliance with the goal of helping people learn to recognise, embrace and utilise their gifts to be of service to others, many of which are borne out of life experience.


What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to work?

I am in a privileged position in which my work doesn’t feel like work. I love doing what I do, so I would continue doing it. If there’s one thing I would add to the list, it would be to include travel to lots of far-flung places. I am constantly amazed by the beauty of this planet and its people, and I’d love to know them all.


What really makes you smile from the inside out?

Children’s voices, especially when they are excited and totally immersed in something. It’s the innocent curiosity and the enthusiasm that I find so precious. I’m also a sucker for a funny or heartwarming animal video.

What is your proudest achievement?

I have two: marrying my husband and giving birth to my son. I have two absolutely gorgeous men in my life, and I am very lucky. I’m getting a bit teary now just thinking of them both.

Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?

Well, I have got a MASSIVE secret project that I am working on with a few very creative, intelligent, inspiring people. I can’t say too much more than that, but I’d like to hope I’m still at the helm of it all as CEO and that we’re continuing to expand and innovate in the field of occupational mental health.

Who do you serve? Be specific, think of everyone you impact (not just customers)

I know this sounds really hokey, but all of creation. I meditate a lot, and that’s where I go when I do. It’s about the ripple effect. I know my actions impact the outer reaches of the Universe. That’s the place where I stand as a citizen of the Universe.

How do you want the world to see your business?

As a company, Business Brilliance, creates healthy businesses generating wealth for the people involved. I live by the principle of abundance. That does not mean I’m intending to be super-wealthy. It means that I know there is enough for everybody. Everyone I come across is a partner in my eyes. There is no space for competition in the world of abundance. It just doesn’t exist as a concept.

What one thing would you do to change the world?

Help people heal their trauma by understanding the mind. We all have traumatic experiences. It’s our mind that causes us to continue to relive it, even in the most subtle ways. I’d want human beings to be free from trauma-based conditioning. That would stop the wars, the conflicts, the violence, the lying, the cheating. Fear-based trauma and the victim narrative that accompanies it is at the root of everything that doesn’t work with the world we currently live in.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I’d love to be a Time Traveller like Dr Who.

What advice would you give to your 16-year-old self?

Trust yourself.

Business is an amazing opportunity for spiritual growth and personal development - Business Brilliance

And finally, is there one thing you wish someone had told you before you went into business?

That it’s an amazing opportunity for spiritual growth and personal development. I never knew why it was so hard until I attended a conference in Los Angeles. One of the speakers rightly said, “Entrepreneurship is an extraordinary spiritual journey. You bump up against your ego limitations all the time, and the challenge is to discover how to move beyond them.” That is what has kept me going in the moments when I want to give up. I know there’s an amazing nugget of wisdom or opportunity waiting for me on the other side.


Thank you for sharing your passion project, Lori

To connect with Lori and learn more about her work the Business Brilliance website is:




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