Boutique Co-Working in Bath

It can be lonely when you work for yourself. I have a perfectly nice office at home, having commandeered the box room at the start of the Pandemic. With all my face-to-face work going online I needed a quiet space Continue reading Boutique Co-Working in Bath

Embrace and Enjoy Your Averageness

embrace being average

We all like to feel special, it’s human nature, we are physiologically programmed to crave that dopamine hit. We’d all like to be remembered long after our time on Earth is up. But the fact is, most of us won’t Continue reading Embrace and Enjoy Your Averageness

A Vision For Freedom

a vision for freedom

  Travel. Freedom. Exploring. Adventure. Escaping. What’s not to love? When I worked as a startup trainer for an enterprise agency a few years back – while I was being trained in their teaching materials – I have a vivid Continue reading A Vision For Freedom

The Joy Of Freedom – On Your Bike

The freedom of cycling and self emplyment

    Meet Barry…     Barry The Bike   He’s been sat in my shed for seven years until this summer. I re-homed the various spiders who’d moved into Barry’s nooks and crannies and took him to Crucial BMX Continue reading The Joy Of Freedom – On Your Bike