Writing Through Creative Constipation

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Some days, it’s just hard. You’re sat there, straining to push it out but getting nowhere. You know you ‘should’ be writing – that blog, that course content, that story, those next 1000 words – but it’s blocked. Don’t Call Continue reading Writing Through Creative Constipation

The Joy Of Journaling

bullet journal the joy or journalling

Getting creative with a journal – I love stationery. I have loads of notebooks. And coloured pens, and stencils and stickers. When I saw this book I knew I needed it in my life. So, what is a Bullet Journal? Continue reading The Joy Of Journaling

So Much To Do, So Little Time: Getting Organised

so much to do so little time elf in business

When you work for yourself, one of the toughest challenges is staying organised. There’s no boss breathing down your neck, giving you ‘that look’ and no job description setting out your responsibilities. You must be disciplined to get things done. Continue reading So Much To Do, So Little Time: Getting Organised