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I started my first blog in 2013 as a vehicle to get my first novel off the ground.

Since then, I’ve build a business around helping entreprenerus to discover the power in their own words, my top tip to grow your influence: build a blog and have a book.

I’ve shared many blogs on blogging tips from the lessons I’ve learned over the years, published a book on Blogging for Business and have online workshops availiable with my Skills Sessions.Evolution of Write Your Way To Success - Webinars

There’s plenty of advice on blogging online, but searching for it can be overwhelming.

Paying for information

(Sometimes, it’s easier to pay for it for save time and energy!)

There are a few big websites that you will always find at the top of Google of you search for bog advice, but personally, I like to work with people, not faceless websites, staffed by hundreds of people, churning out copy to feed the internet treadmill!

I’ve been following the career of rising inlfuencer, Marc Guberti for some time now, from some early guest blogs we swapped to getting involved in his receent content summit.

I follow his blogs and this one popped up on my inbox:

100 tips is a big chunk, and runs the risk of adding more tasks to our ever expanding to do list. In fact, there’s a few things here that I need to do more of myself!


Is There One Tip to prioritise?

I’m going to take the first tip and expand on it, as this is the single best tip I can offer for anyone blogging for their business…


Update your blog consistently. People won’t forget about you.

If content is King, Consistency is Queen!


On his blog, Marc recommends blogging daily. Personally, I think this is too much, unless the blog itself is your business. But if you are running a business and the blog is one of your vehicles for marketing, ideally, once a week is a good amount. However, if you’re new to blogging whatever you do, don’t aim for weekly blogging from day one. I wrote recently about why weekly blogging is bad advice for new bloggers.


So how do you stay consistent with your blogs?


Plan Ahead

Where are you going with your business? What plans, goals and expectations do you have? What expectations do your customers have of you?

Be strategic

How does your blog fit into the overall marketing strategy for your business? Are you using and re-using that content? Is it adding value? How is it providing solutions for your customers? How does it link to the products and services you offer?

Map it out

What’s your capacity? What are your plans for the next quarter? How often, realistically, can you create new content?

Step by step

Overcoming overwhelm can be a challenge.

Looking at your marketing as a whole.

Seeing that To-Do list growing.

Finding out about all these things you ‘should’ be doing. You can’t possibly do it all at once, so once you’ve mapped out what you ‘need’ to do and the order in which to do it, you can then start planing in the ‘should’ do’s – although, personally, I’d take that word ‘should’ and replace it with ‘Could’ to help get you over that first hurdle.


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