There’s As Much Science As There Is Art In Branding

If you’re a writer or a creator of any sort, then you might already have the creative side of branding nailed down. You might know exactly what vibes you want to give off. The one thing about being a creative, however, is that it’s very self-determined. We’re used to creating what we want to see. When it comes to a brand, however, a good deal of science goes into making sure it’s what the visitor or customer wants to see as well.

Branding is part Art part Science

There's As Much Science As There Is Art In Branding

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The science of positioning

A good brand, whether it’s for a personal site or for a business, has to be memorable. It has to stand out. Without keeping that mind, the steps below might have you creating a brand that ends up almost entirely the same as competitors in your industry. What recommends is researching your competition first. You can use the most appealing factors of their brand as a kick-start for your own, but more than anything, they should serve as a base to distance and differentiate yourself from.

There's As Much Science As There Is Art In Branding

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The science of finding your crowd

You don’t want to differentiate yourself so much that your brand has no relevance to your target market, however. Teams like use scientific methods like search engine optimisation to ensure that their branding efforts appear to exactly the right kind of people. For instance, thinking about keywords that people would use if they wanted to find your site and ensuring that your site is the one that appears when those keywords are used in a search query.

Art and Science of Branding

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The science of grabbing someone’s attention

Opening the bridges for organic connections like that mentioned above pays off in the long-term. If you want to fulfil more short-term goals, like increasing the number of visitors or subscribers, then you need to wow people in the short-term. Content on your site should have value that keeps them coming back, but content alone doesn’t get more people coming. You need to think about things like the titles of your content and calls-to-action and ensure that they’re as attention grabbing as they can be without getting too obnoxious.

There's As Much Science As There Is Art In Branding - The science of socialising

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The science of socialising

Everything we do on the internet is getting a lot more social. If we get informed, there’s likely a comments section or buttons for sharing them. The games we play are getting more social, too. So, whatever your brand is, get social with it. Get on Facebook and Twitter. Take time to respond to comments and build a connection with your crowd.

There's As Much Science As There Is Art In Branding

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The science of the art

Of course, the artistic sides of the branding have some science to them. Sites like can give you some helpful information on the kind of mental connections we have with the colours you might use in your visual branding, for instance. Typography and logos have as much significance behind them. For instance, Comic Sans has become something of a joke as a font over the past decade. Not knowing that and using it will make your brand a joke, too. Know the significance of the art of your brand.

When good creativity is backed up by good science, a brand that has some impact is born. Make sure the data supports what you want to do with yours.

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