Top Tips To Outsource & Delegate Your Web Business Tasks

In the early days of our businesses, we often start by doing it all ourselves.

You’re bootstrapping, trying to get something off the ground without spending too much. But as a business grows and becomes more established,there comes a point where your time is best served doing what you do best.

Are there parts of your business you could outsource to someone else?

A business colleague said to me recently:

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”


Peter Drucker first said that, but it’s still very apt.

Start on a Shoestring

Personally, one of my goals for 2018 is to be in a position to outsource much of my admin to a VA, and I have a few I am considering from my network within Women Mean Biz.

This contributed content has some great tips for businesses at the stage where they need to start to delegate or outsource tasks; they can focus on what they want to do, and what is most cost effectove for their business…


Top Tips To Outsource & Delegate Your Web Business Tasks


Outsource your web tasks



There is a lot that goes into running a small business, even one based solely online. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate all of the time, so it makes sense to delegate as many tasks as possible to other people, especially ones that you don’t particularly enjoy doing yourself. If you’re looking to start outsourcing and delegating tasks, then the tips below should help you out.


What Do You Want To Do?

Before you start thinking of tasks to delegate, you need to decide what it is that you want to do yourself. Make a list of all of the jobs that need to be completed for your business, and pick a few to do yourself. Make sure that you don’t give yourself too much to do, as that would completely go against the point of outsourcing. There’s no point in giving all of the more enjoyable tasks to others and leaving yourself all of the boring ones, so give yourself some task you like doing. More difficult tasks, like your accounting and taxes, could be given to others instead.


Choose How To Delegate

There are a couple of ways that you can delegate your tasks; You could employ someone yourself (which is know as hiring in-house) or hire a company to complete your tasks (which is the traditional way to outsource). Of course, these are methods, so you need to consider the tasks, and see which one it better fits. If you need someone to run your social media accounts, it makes more sense to hire a marketing student yourself. You can do this by putting adverts online and in your local newspaper, with a job outline, the hours, and the pay. On the other hand, if you needed an entire website designing, it makes much more sense to pay a web design agency, as you know they have the skills and knowledge to do the job well.


Shop Around For Companies

If you intend to outsource some of your tasks to companies or agencies, then be sure that you shop around online to find one that suits you best. Some agencies and companies will specialise in different areas, meaning that some may not be helpful for you. You might also find some that do the same task for incredibly different prices. Be sure that you make a list of all of the ones that would work for the task at hand, and then start to filter through them. Immediately forget about any that have bad reviews, or no reviews at all, as that is the last thing your business needs. Then you can start to look for ones that fit into your budget.


If you’ve started your own business, then it’s highly likely that you’re an incredibly driven and independent person, which might be making it difficult for you to let go of the reins a little, and allow other people into your business. As hard as it may be initially, it will be worth it. The last thing your business needs is a tired and overworked owner, so take some time to yourself.



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