The Foundation Of Your Success? A Good Website!

This week’s contributed content covers the importance of having a great website. It’s the foundation of your business in the Information Age.

Think of your website as your digital shopfront, it’s the first impression people get of your business as they browse the digital high street.

However, building a great site is only half the story. You need to update it regularly, keeping it crammed with wisdom. If you neglect your digital shop, it will soon gather dust and stop attracting customers.

You need to update it regularly, keeping it crammed with wisdom. Neglect your digital shop and it will soon gather dust and stop attracting customers.

Having a blog on your website it will attract 97% more traffic (Source:  Digital InformationWorld).


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Why a Website is the Foundation of Your Business


Foundations are extremely important things. A good foundation in life (a great childhood, a good education, the production of positive habits) gives us the best chance of a successful and productive life. Even with its true meaning, we can see the importance of foundations – which dig deep into the earth to help large buildings stay upright to steal a small piece of the sky. Foundations, in all aspects of life, are incredibly important as they allow us the best chance of success in every single area we can imagine. If something doesn’t have foundations, is it stable and is it capable of success?

Success in Mind

Now think of your business. Every business starts off with success in mind and over time, this can change into pure survival, but of course, when anyone starts off with a business idea, plan or proposal, it is usually with success in mind. There are plenty of things that can make this success a reality, and other things that can change that vision and force dreamers to return to the ground. Any business idea without a bunch of solid foundations is almost destined to fail unless the business owner is a master improviser. This doesn’t always happen and improvisation, while a great skill – should never be a foundation of business. Look for something more realistic to be a foundation of your business. Something like a website.

Website is the foundation of business



Websites have never been easier to make than right now. The internet, where web pages and sites are hosted with web hosting offers all the tools, advice, skills and knowledge needed to make a website. It also offers contact details for the agencies and designers you need to contact if you need to hand the job off. One thing is for sure though; your business needs a good website as that website will be the cornerstone of everything your business does on the internet. In some cases, sales will go through that site. In all cases, that website will be a digital representation of your business on the World Wide Web.

Work hard and Look Good

This means that the website needs to work and look good. This is key! Optimization is important as your website needs to actually run on a multitude of devices. If it doesn’t, you can’t get traffic and thus you can’t produce customers with your site. Good optimization is the foundation of the website, once that is in order, everything will run smoothly and you can get creative.You also need to think about space. Your website might not be a tangible thing that you can feel, but it needs to be able to accommodate users. It needs to have the room to handle a bunch of people simultaneously, otherwise, it will collapse and become inaccessible.


Every business needs a website, and not just that – but they need a good website. A website is a strong foundation for business success in the digital age and to be blunt a business can’t do much without a website. Produce a website for your business and produce it well to ensure that your business succeeds.




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