10 Social Media Tools to Help You Write Better Posts


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10 Social Media Tools to Help You Write Better Posts

Staying on top of everything in today’s digital-first world as a marketer can be a challenge because your list of responsibilities keeps growing. From advertising to customer experience, you have to ensure your clients get value for their money. Luckily for you, there is a wide selection of tools that make your work easier.

Social media writing tools ensure you write content that targets the right audience. These tools not only ensure you write creative and unique content, but they also help you stay productive as a social media marketer. Content curation, scheduling, analysis, and publishing can be difficult if you don’t have tools to keep in check.

With the right set of tools, you can make sure you enhance your effectiveness. Most social media marketers don’t realize how essential it is to proofread a post before publishing it. With the right editing tools, you can be assured that all your posts will be void of grammatical errors.

Content writing jobs are demanding because clients want articles that get the attention of the reader. Once you succeed in getting the attention of the ideal audience, you don’t want to lose them because you failed to edit your posts.

Here are ten social media tools you should utilize in your daily workflows to help you improve results across the board.

Write better posts with these tools


1.     Ulysses

Ulysses is the perfect tool for any social media marketer with a busy schedule. This application helps you keep all distractions at bay. Any freelancer knows how much time they can waste when they pay attention to distractions.

If you need to focus on writing expressly, this application boosts your productivity. It is a user-friendly tool that is compatible with Mac devices, iPads, and iPhones. You can easily access articles you wrote on your smartphone using your laptop when you synchronize applications.

Aside from keeping you on track, Ulysses also helps you organize all your files. As you know, staying organized boosts brain activity. You can easily finish projects in the shortest time possible because your brain is always on overdrive.

The best thing is, you can export your articles to PDF or word or even to a client’s WordPress website once you’re done.

2.     After the Deadline

Proofreading is a drag for many content creators because you can go through an article so many times but still fail to catch so many errors. Sometimes, you’re too tired to proofread an article. Well, After the Deadline (AtD) is never too tired to catch grammar and spelling mistakes. This is a web plug-in that you can also use to polish social media posts. It can also be used as a Google Chrome extension.

Aside from grammatical errors, AtD also helps you rectify sentence structure and your style of writing. The best part is that this tool has a color-coding scheme that helps you know what type of error has been highlighted.

3.     Grammar Guide

Grammar matters in social media posts more than most social media marketers know. You don’t want people to flinch when they read your article because it’s filled with grammatical errors.

When your articles have good grammar, the reading audience has an easy time following your ideas. If your grammar is not at its best, consider using Grammar Guide. This is a writing tool that guides on how to improve your grammar. Grammar Guide debunks all grammar myths you might have heard of.

4.     1 Checker

1 Checker helps you rectify all grammar and spelling errors as you write. It is a Microsoft Word add-on that allows you to correct errors as soon as you make them. You save yourself the hassle of copying and pasting documents to web browsers.

Aside from integrating it into Microsoft Word, you can also add one checker directly to a social media site. This tool is far more thorough than Microsoft Word.

5.     Writefull

Every content creator has been in a situation where they can’t remember the adjective they want to use. It’s not always easy to get the appropriate combination of words to use in your writing. Writefull helps you remember the word you were eyeing by providing you with suggestions suitable for every context.

The application goes through the comprehensive online database to help you find phrases commonly used in a given context. This tool is unlike any other because it goes beyond spelling and grammar.

6.     Easy Word Count

Since you won’t always be using Microsoft Word to create content, keeping up with your articles’ word count can be a challenge. Easy Word Count ensures you always keep track of the word count. The length of articles plays a significant role in SEO friendliness.

Each time a client gives an assignment, you notice that they always specify the word count. This tool ensures that you deliver as per the client’s specifications.

7.     Plagiarism Checker

As a professional content creator, the last thing you want is to be accused of plagiarism. Even though there are those who intentionally lift other people’s work, you can accidentally forget to paraphrases a paragraph or two. Plagiarism Checker ensures that you pick up on your mistakes before it is too late.

The beauty of research is it informs your writing. It’s possible to be influenced by pieces you find online without necessarily copying them word for word.

8.     Writerack

This is a suitable writing tool for Twitter posts. Writerack helps you condense your thoughts and come up with a 140-word post.

With this tool, you can easily split your ideas into tweetable chunks.

9.     ByWord 2

Every writer should have a tool that allows them to harness all the ideas that randomly hit them throughout the day. ByWord 2 is the told designed for just that.

10.Language Tool

Many social media writing tools limit you to only one language. That’s why you need a language tool to ensure your article has consistent language throughout.


These are ten effective tools that ensure your social media posts deliver your ideal audience on your lap. Every content creator needs a set of tools that helps them boost their productivity.



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