A Simple Tool To Come Up With Blog Ideas (A-Z of Blogging)

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I have an early school memory – I must have been 5 or 6 – of the teacher blowing my mind with a simple technique to draw a tree.

Overnight, the trees in my pictures went from a blob with a stick coming out of the bottom to something much more detailed; with branches I could perch birds on and hang fruit from.

Many a tree picture adorned my mum’s fridge after that!

Sometimes, all it takes is learning a simple technique to make a step change in the quality of the work you produce.


The Tree Framework


Simple way to draw a tree - The Idea Tree


Start with two parallel lines


Then add two diagonal lines to the top


Add a V to make an open-ended Y shape


Add Vs to your Ys


Repeat. Repeat until you’re happy with it


Once you have your trunk and branches you can add leaves, birds, fruit, roots and make it beautiful!


But this simple tree framework is more than a way to occupy a small child!


It’s a great way to plan your ideas, too.


What Shall I Blog About?


This is a Frequently Asked Question for businesses new to blogging, which is why ‘I’ in my A-Z of Blogging Series is for ‘Ideas’.


Coming up with fresh ideas, on demand, regularly, is a daunting prospect.


How Can You Keep It Fresh and Creative?


With this simple tree framework, you can turn a broader concept into a whole series of much more specific and tailored ideas.

That means you can take a ‘theme’ such as ‘Blogging’ for example and break it down into lots of content ideas.


A simple tool to come up with blog ideas


The core theme of your content forms the trunk of the tree.

You can then divide that into many branches, each getting more and more specific, because the more specific a question you answer in your blogs, the more likely it is to come up in a search engine.

It also allows you to add some real, detailed value in the blogs you write; instead of some broad brush lip service content that says nothing new to your readership.

By subdividing your trunk and branches into more and more niche topics, you can give extra value, making you memorable, and building your influence as an expert in your sector – bit by bit -blog by blog – chapter by chapter.


Take your blogs from a stick with a blob on the top, to a quality library of content.


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