What’s The Point of a Vision Board?

Here in the UK, we have started 2021 in yet another lockdown.


I’m so over lockdowns, it’s getting boring now…


Apparently, having learned nothing from the last two lockdowns, some bright spark thought we should give it another shot – Third time lucky and all that…


I’m sure many of us have thought, “what’s the point in making any plans for 2021?”

We can see it coming because we were here last year.

Months of unending house arrest and the collective hysteria of mysophobia.

Living a protracted half-life in virtual Zoom rooms, while pumping money into Amazon and Netflix to quell the tedium.


New Year, New Start My A***


At the start of a new year, I usually enjoy creating my vision board for the year ahead. This time it seemed like a fruitless exercise.

When we can’t go anywhere or do anything, it just becomes about getting through each day with our sanity intact!


Having put the question to Social Media, “is there any point in doing a vision board this year”, I slept on it, had a word with myself, and realised that there is still a compelling argument to see beyond where we are.


The Real Point

I had a small epiphany, the point of a vision board is not to predict the future, but to focus our minds on what we really want. Despite some of it being physically impossible, that’s not the point. The point is to imagine the possibilities and find some clarity.

If you could achieve it right now it wouldn’t be ‘a vision’ it would be your reality. What would you have left to aspire to or work for?

One thing we can say about the start of 2021 is that it is more predictable than most years. In 2019, I doubt anyone predicted 2020 would be the year a global pandemic would hit, and the response of governments around the world would be to lockdown entire nations and impose punitive sanctions on anyone daring to do normal things like leaving the house, going out for dinner and visiting your family!

At least we know what to expect this time around!


I Did It Anyway

So, as a change in pace, instead of my usual evening of Netflix, after finishing work in our box room spare bedroom/my office, I got the magazine box out and started cutting.


How To Create A Vision Board

It’s a simple process.

  • Grab load of old magazines, books flyers, even junk mail. I always keep boxes of old magazines just for creative projects so there is never a shortage in my art supplies! I also have a thing for stickers so I have boxes of these too.
  • You can even get your kids involved. Especially if you are trapped at home with them and looking for ways to keep them entertained that doesn’t involve them melting their brains and destroying their self esteem by endlessly scrolling through social media!
  • Flick through the magazines and if any images, words or phrases pop out at you cut them out. Don’t over think this, just cut out everything that draws your attention or inspires you.
  • Once you have a small pile of cuttings, grab a big bit of paper – I used my A3 sketchpad – but in the past I’ve used a big sheet of cardboard from a box or the back of some old wallpaper.
  • Arrange your images and words on the board. This is the part where you can think about them more. Edit them out, be selective and look at where things fit.
  • Once you’re happy start gluing. PritStick does the job fine.

Have fun with it!


Behold, my 2021 vision board…

Vision board 2021

What Did I Learn?

There is much less focus on writing and travelling this year and more on nature and sustainability.

Here are the past 2 years of vision boards for comparison:


2019 2020 vision boards

It was definitely a worthwhile exercise to do a vision board for 2021, if for no other reason than it was an enjoyable way to spend an evening getting creative.



You can’t control the world outside your window, but you can control your response to it.


Flicking through magazines is diverting and distracting, it switches your focus to other things.


Bringing all of your attention into this moment and being fully present in it is a potent tonic for body and mind.


Seeing patterns and beauty in unrelated things you’ve bought together.


Because we all need to get messy and play for a while. Setting our imagination free and finding joy in little things.


Only when you edit down the images and words you’ve selected do you start to find clarity. By finding images and phrases that appeal to you, you can see what really matters.

Sense of Purpose

Something positive and productive to do.


It was a lovely way to spend an evening – cosy on the sofa, chilled ambient beats playing, the log burner roaring, a frothy mug of Chai Latte – and a stack of magazines, a big sketch pad, some scissors, and a Pritstick.

Are you doing a vision board this year?





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