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When Ashley Lipman contacted me about being featured on ‘The Blog Frog’ blog, I was happy to get involved and take a guest post from him.


Here are Ashley’s productivity tips…


Fresh Productivity Tips That Can Change Your 2018

Business productivity tips

Photo credit: Pixabay


A few months ago, people around the world made “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Statistics show us that by the month of February, about 40% of people who made resolutions have given them up. In fact, before the year is over, 92% of people will have failed.


Here are a few reasons why this is true:

  • The resolution is unrealistic

    • Instead of make a resolution to eat better and exercise more, people will resolve to lose 50 or 60 pounds by Christmas. It is not realistic to think you can lose a massive amount of weight in a 12 month period without risking your health. Since the weightloss is intended to make you healthier, this is self-defeating and easily given up.
  • The resolution is beyond your abilities

    • This may sound silly, but in fact, it happens all the time. For example, someone resolves to write a book. But, they have no writing skills. Someone may resolve to climb Mt. Everest, but their climbing skills are limited to local mountain trails. Perhaps your resolution was to open your own business. Unless you have been preparing for this and have the background, connections, and finances it will take, the resolution is simply beyond your grasp at this current moment.
  • You were not willing to change

    • This happens more often than you would think. A person is unwilling to address that the methods they use (no matter how sound) are ineffective against the problem they face. Their resolve is not to change the way they do things, but to work harder and try to do more of what they are already doing.

So, how can you become more productive?

Becoming more productive is very closely related to becoming more efficient. It simply means doing things in a way that gives you the best results in the alloted time. You must create your own roadmap to productivity. But let us give you some tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

Business productivity tips

Photo credit: Pixabay

Route to Productivity

  • Throw away the myth that you are a great multi-tasker

There is no such thing as a multitasker. This is a label created when businesses had to ask fewer people to do more jobs. The simple fact is this. You can do a lot of things well. But you cannot to anything best, unless you give it undivided attention. You may be better than anyone else in your office. But, you are not the best you can be at anything if you are trying to do several things at once. Schedule time for each duty and focus only on that. You will be more productive, and your work will be better quality.

  • Pay attention to what you put in your body

Stop getting your nutritional information from television commercials. Learn some basic facts. You need fresh food and water. Nature provides us with a host of foods and drinks that are healthy and give us what we need. There are natural products that give us energy and pep, long-term strength, and that stimulate the body and brain.


Coffee is a perfect example. Coffee helps maintain a healthy heart, guards against certain cancers, Type II Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease and gives you energy and mental sharpness. But, you should drink a high quality coffee such as the coffee found here: You would not dip your cup into a bucket of water that has been sitting in the breakroom all day. Why would you drink coffee that you know nothing about?


  • Be smart enough to know what you don’t know

In this age of technology, where everyone has a smartphone, computer, and the internet, why would you insist on making your life harder? Explore apps that can easily do things that you find difficult. If you are really bad at tracking jobs and work crews, find an app that will do it for you. If your projects are continually breaking the budget, find an app or software that will watch the details. You will learn why you are going over budget and can correct it.


There are many ways to increase your productivity in 2018. They are near as your computer and as vast as your mind will take you. If you want to be the best, use the best tools.

Thank you to Ashley for contributing. If you are an influencer with a lot to blog about, check out The Blog Frog

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