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Blogging has been part of my life since 2013.

That was the year I published my first book – The Bronze Box.

Setting my words loose into the wild was the catalyst!

At the time, I did a 365 project – Operation Author: 365 Actions To Become an Author.

Every day I did one thing to accomplish my lifelong dream of publishing a book, then I blogged my seven actions once a week. I soon established a following and it motivated to me to accelerate the pace to get the book out there.

I set myself a target to sell 1,000 copies of The Bronze Box in 3 years. I’d sold double that in the less than half the time!

Solomon’s Secrets and the Gabriel’s Game books quickly followed. I attribute their success to my blog and the impact of content marketing.

Watch the story of ‘Amy Queen Of Blogs’ here:

I’ve built my entire business around blogging, but the blog itself is not the business – the blog supports every aspect of my business; from brand building and knowledge sharing, to inviting more people to browse around my virtual shop, and building information products that add value to my business.

What started as a way to share my words with the world blossomed into so much more.

Business Evolution

My tips to help others improve their blog to boost their business became:

Blogging for Business book.

The basis for training materials

Key note talks at events


…and now they’ve evolved into my ‘Build your Blog’ online course.

Build Your Blog eCourse Overview

The first mini module of the 10 module course – Reach Out With Guest Blogging – is out now for the pre-launch offer price of £50/$65, just to give people a taster of what’s to come in the full course

You can get lifetime access to the ‘Reach Out with Guest Blogging’ mini workshop HERE – Get in there quick, as more workshops become available the price will increase!

Reach Out With Guest Blogging eWorkshop webinar

For all of the workshops in the full ‘Build Your Blog’ eCourse there is a FREE Webinar:

I started the webinars earlier in the year. here are the links to the replays of past webinars:

There are more webinars coming up:

Free Webinar How To Blog To Grow Your Business

Get your tickets for the next webinars HERE

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