Add A Little Magic To Your Blog

Improve the quality of your blogs by using a little storyteller's magic

(A 5-minute read or a 25-minute video…) We all have a little creative magic inside of us, if we dig deeply enough. I firmly believe that we are all born creative and reading ‘Out Of Our Minds: Learning To Be Continue reading Add A Little Magic To Your Blog

Why I Don’t Believe in Copywriting

why i dont believe in copywriting

Cruising around on Facebook, I saw an image about copywriting that made my belly do a backflip. It said, “Why I Don’t Believe in Copywriters”.   My initial reaction was, “OMG! Who is this person saying something I think but Continue reading Why I Don’t Believe in Copywriting

How I Started Blogging

Behold, my first ever blog post (after the obligatory – “Hello I’ve started a blog” post – much like tweeting your name!) I started my first blog on Blogger in 2013 with my Head Full Of Popcorn poem:   Take Continue reading How I Started Blogging

Two Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blogs

2 things to improve your blogs

In the past 10 years, we’ve published more than the entirety of human history. That’s an awful lot of blogs, and just by the law of averages, an awful lot of rubbish!   Better writing creates better businesses.   As Continue reading Two Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blogs

How to Blog To Grow Your Business – Free Webinars

Evolution of Write Your Way To Success - Webinars

Blogging has been part of my life since 2013. That was the year I published my first book – The Bronze Box. Setting my words loose into the wild was the catalyst! At the time, I did a 365 project Continue reading How to Blog To Grow Your Business – Free Webinars

Event-Full Business Planning

Event hosting has been an integral part of my business since I launched in 2015. It took me a while to realise that hosting and filling events on my own was a tall order! Although I’ve moved away from putting Continue reading Event-Full Business Planning

All Inclusive Web Design

All Inclusive Web design

This contributed content on inclusive web design is very timely for me. As I build the next phase of my business online, my website will need a level up to host the online workshops I’m developing. Initially, I’ll be hosting Continue reading All Inclusive Web Design