Medical Practices That Have Made A Move Online

As life relies more and more on digital, a contributor explores how this has impacted medical practices…


Medical Practice Moving Online

Our world was well and truly heading towards an extremely digitalized way of life anyway, now, with Covid-19, a lot of this progress had had to move more quickly. From working from home, learning from home, ordering shopping to your home, to streaming online. Many things have made the move to the online world, and some medical practices have followed suit. 

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Let’s have a look at some fo the medical practices that have now moved online: 

Doctors Appointments

There were already ways for is to speak to a medical practioner online before Covid-19, however, it wasn’t used by many, and going to the practice in person was still the number one way to get the medical help you need. Covid-19 has seen many doctors surgeries temporarily shut, or highly reduce the number of patients that have been seen in person. Now a lot of patients are been spoken to on the phone, via video chat, are even providing photos of visible symptoms through online portals. Could this be something that will continue even after we get back to normality? Although normal routine doctors’ appointments in person will sometimes be needed, a digital approach could help to take the demand from the surgeries in busy periods. 


This is something else that was slowly moving towards been online, however, it was still a necessity and even a requirement for some people to still see their doctor for a new or repeat prescription. Many patients are now accessing their prescriptions online and using them to preorder their medication or glasses from This has enabled a lot of pressure to be taken away from doctors’ surgeries, which has provided more resources where needed throughout this terrible time. Prescriptions can now also be ordered online, in advance, and then be delivered to your door, this makes it extremely useful, especially for those who are vulnerable and can’t get to their pharmacy or are in isolation. 


Mental health has always been a massive focus, however, a close watch has been needed on the mental health of people throughout coronavirus. This is again something that was starting to happen online more and more, but because of Covid-19 has been hurtled forward to ensure people have access to the help that they need. Being able to access therapies online also has the benefit of being able to assist those who maybe wouldn’t reach out if they felt like they couldn’t speak to someone in person but felt more comfortable to do it using live chat or messaging. Whether it’s child counseling, couples counseling, speak therapies, special needs diagnosis, or individual counseling for things like depression, all these services can be accessed online using many different platforms. You can even access them using your mobile phone or tablet. 


These are just three of the medical practices that have moved online and more quickly because of Covid-19.


Do you think this is a positive move or do you prefer in person? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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