Three Ways Blogging Has Grown My Business

There are many reasons to build blogging into your business.

I’m currently developing my ‘Build Your Blog’ online course. It’s a series of workshops making up a step by step guide on how to blog to grow our businesses, with actions and accountability.

In the second workshop –  ‘Blogging for Beginners’ – one module covers the reasons to build blogging into your business. I share my 24 reasons and it’s by no means an exhaustive list.

The decisions we take in our business will be different for all of us. Our motivations and priorities vary.

For me, the top three reasons I blog are:


For the love of writing

I love to write and I’ve not only built a business on writing but by blogging I’ve improved my writing skills through years of practice.

For the love of writing - How to blog

Demonstrating my Expertise

I’ve been a skills trainer and coach my whole career (20 years). I started in HR then, supporting long-term unemployed people back into work, and then helping businesses to get off the ground and grow. But I’ve also had a life-long love of creative writing, and published my first book, The Bronze Box, in 2013.


My skills and experience are many and varied as a result, so I bring different points of view to both business and writing.

Blogging allows me to share that knowledge, but also to grow my knowledge through researching and sharing.

Customers buy why you do what you do


Creating information with value

I’ve built my business on a foundation of knowledge and information sharing. My whole career has been about knowledge and information sharing, it’s all I know!

What started off as a 365-day writing project became the basis for books, training workshops, online workshops, public speaking content etc. Much of which I’ve sold.

My online workshops are the culmination of those years of blogging. Not only sharing my knowledge and experience to help other businesses, but much of it is repurposed and built on content that started out as blogs.


To prosper we must consume less and create more


How I make money blogging (without promoting other brands)

You never write a blog and use it once. There are so many ways that knowledge can be shared, repurposed and reused.


What about you? 


What’s your main reason for blogging?



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