Using Research To Inspire And Inform Your Blogs

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You don’t have to come up with a completely new idea for every blog you write! A little research can go a long way to inspiring and informing your writing.

My latest blogging project is to write a series of blogs from an A-Z of Blogging. I know I don’t have all the answers. Researching other people’s content will allow me to add much more value to the advice and support I give.

Watch the replay of August 2018’s free webinar. It’s just a short one, but I share three ways research can improve your blogs.


1) New Spin On An Old Idea

So, you’ve had a little flash of inspiration, an idea for a blog you want to write. Where do you start?

The chances are, someone else has already shared some content on a topic.

Blog research tips

A good place to start is to search for it on Google, YouTube,, Social Media or content search engine, such as Pinterest.

Find something that inspires you and use it to bring your own take to a topic. Of course, you should NEVER take credit for someone else’s work, but you can pay tribute to their expertise and share how they have inspired you. As long as you’re adding value, use someone else’s creative idea as your muse!


2) What Inspires You?

Research is also a great way to come up with new ideas yourself.  Often a new blog idea forms when you see something that has inspired you – A video you reshared on Facebook. A Blog link you followed from Twitter …


3) Organise Your Research!

Pinterest is a misunderstood tool and a fantastic way to capture, catalogue, curate and collect content inspiration.


Take Action:

Start a board (keep it secret if you like) to collect any links that inspire content ideas.




Happy Blogging!


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