Who Said Digital Is Impersonal?

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I’m unashamedly a lover of stationery.

The shelves of my office and art room are sagging under the weight of notebooks, sketchpads and boxes of pens.


Words And Pictures

As a writer, but a visual learner, words create pictures for me.

I describe my fiction writing as playing out a movie in my head, then sharing that movie with readers so they can watch it, in their own way, in their own heads.

While running a digital marketing workshop last week, talking about the importance of images and video, I said – slightly facetiously,

“Just because most people are visual doesn’t mean that they don’t read. When we read, our brain translates the words into images – that’s how books work!”


Creative as I am, I’ve never been able to master the art of graphic design, and these days, running a busy business,  I often don’t have time to make greetings cards and invitations like I used to.

I write. I blog. I like words. But every good piece of content should always have a visual element, otherwise, it will disappear into the swirling digital soup of the internet, never to be seen again.


Is Stationery Going Digital?

  • If you host an event, the experience starts from the moment someone opens their invitation.
  • Follow up with someone by showing them your appreciation with a Thank You
  • Surprise that valued client with a birthday card

I’ll always love a notebook. I’ll always enjoy seeing a row of greetings cards on the mantle piece when it’s my birthday. However, there are so many creative tools and options, digital design is getting easier.

Platforms such as Paperless Post, mean that digital doesn’t have to mean impersonal, or inaccessible.


Testing Paperless Post

If you like to send out regular greetings, whether for your business, or in your personal life, this platform is worth exploring.

The platform allows you to create your own online invitations, cards, leaflets and flyers for any occasion.



Once you set up your account and login the Dashboard is simple and familiar

Paperless post digital dashboardr



Post Box

You can explore your drafts, sent items etc. – but the thing I really like is that you can schedule when you send your message.

That means you can work on your digital creation when you’re in a creative peak and schedule the greeting to go out at the appropriate time.

Address Book

You can link to your Gmail contacts, create contacts lists or import contacts.


Lovely, Personal and Pretty Emails

Like millions of other businesses, I use MailChimp for my newsletters and updates. However, as I’ve been playing around with this platform, it’s sparking ideas about more creative and engaging ways I can communicate with my business (and personal) tribe.

When I run activities and events, rather than relying on the built in sharing tools of a host platform, I could send really lovely, personal digital invitations? – Much more memorable than a standard email template!

The flyers are also animated – anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook will see that I do a love a GIF!

Naturally, as a blogger, my go-to route to inspiration will be to explore the Paperless Post Blog for ideas and tools.


Time to Get Creative!



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