How Do I Repurpose Content Without Being Repetitive? (A – Z of Blogging)


You never write a blog post once. Everything you create you can repurpose.

That’s why ‘R’ is for Repurpose in my A to Z of Blogging Series.


Intellectual Property Has Value

When you’ve written it yourself, you own the ‘Intellectual Property’ of that work. It’s your copyrighted material.  There is never any question you have taken something from someone else and passed it off as your own.

Intellectual Property Rights are protected in law because they have value. Anything you create, and that includes words on a blog, therefore, has a value.

The key to avoiding being repetitive when you repurpose your content is to always be adding value at each stage.

There is a multitude of ways you can create ‘information products’ and monetize the content you’ve written, releasing the intrinsic value in your writing to put real money in the bank.

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A Worked Example

Turning one blog into an eBook and selling it isn’t enough.

There’s no reason for someone to pay for something if they can get it for free, ‘easily and quickly’.

You can, however, repurpose one blog into a checklist, infographic or other useful download and give it away in exchange for a newsletter sign up.

This is one simple way you can use a small amount of content to add value in other ways.

Curate and Collate

Curating a collection of blogs, diving deeper into a topic and formatting them into a book does add value because you’ve done the compiling and the creative part – the ‘easily and quickly’ bit – saving time and effort for an end user.

If someone was determined enough, they could scroll through my hundreds of blogs, written over the course of several years, and find almost everything contained in that book.

However, it would take hours to do so, and they’d then also have to put that information together into a sensible order!

Or, they can spend £8 and have it in one neat little book with everything curated into a step-by-step process.

It takes about an hour to read and is a useful reference book to have on hand when you’re writing. I encourage people to buy the paperback, scribble all over it and highlight bits!

Repurpose your lovely words

I’m working on similar books on other curated topics from content I’ve created since publishing this book.

Books are a small, low value product you can sell, and the more you have of them, the more income you can generate and more audience you can reach with your business.

Talk to Amy About My book Callout thought bubble. Repurpose your words

Just through attrition alone, you could attract new clients for a premium product or service offering, if you sell enough books to enough people!

What Is Your Time Worth?

Personally, if I can spend a few quid on a book to help me tackle a challenge, instead of sitting scrolling through the internet for days on end, getting more and more overwhelmed and confused, I will – I have better things to do with my time (like running a business – or writing books!).

The other great advantage of having a low cost printed book is I have a small stock of books to sell at workshops or talks I deliver.

Who doesn’t love a signed book to take home after an enjoyable event?

A book is just one example of how to unlock the value in your blogs through repurposing.

You can also you repurpose content you’re created on other channels into a blog post…

Next Time: S in the A to Z of Blogging is for ‘Social Media’. I’ll share more on how you can use your blog and Social Media in tandem to make the most of your marketing and align it with your business plans.

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