3 Quick Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

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When I was writing the Sheridan And Blake books, I often found myself stumbling over writer’s block.

Even the most imaginative, creative people can suffer with writer’s block from time to time.

If you’re staring at blank pages or you just can’t seem to find inspiration for your next blog title, here are some tips to help you recover from writer’s block.

Look to others

Reading is one of the best ways to find inspiration. When you read something, whether it’s an article, a story or a novel based on real life events, it should leave you asking questions or give you something to think about. If you’re short on ideas, look to others for help. Do some reading, explore different subject areas, and use your reactions to formulate new content. If you’ve got questions or you can’t stop thinking about a character’s story, start putting some ideas down on paper. You shouldn’t ever copy another writer, but it’s always beneficial to learn from others. Even if you disagree strongly with what an author says, this can be advantageous. It enables you to think about why you disagree and reflect on your own individual stance. You may also find it interesting to see how other people react and to discuss your findings in an open setting.

overcome writers block

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Never give up on learning

You may think that you’re an excellent writer, and you may be incredibly talented. But it’s highly unlikely that you’ve learned every trick in the book. In life, we can never learn too much. Even if you’ve forged a successful career, you can always develop your skills and hone your craft. If you’re finding it difficult to translate ideas onto the page, consider going to a class like those run by  Writers Workshop. Hearing other people share their knowledge and expertise, and doing exercises could give you motivation, provide you with a different outlook on the way you work, and encourage you to try new things.

Switch things up

Are you trying to write a book in the same room at the same time of day every day? Are you desperately seeking inspiration for your next blog post when you’ve done nothing but work for the last few weeks? We all need to take time out now and again. You can’t expect your creative juices to flow if you’re stuck in a rut, or you’ve got nothing to base your writing on. You need experiences and changes of scenery. Eve something as simple as taking a walk can energise you, and prevent staleness. If you’re worried about deadlines, don’t be. As a writer, you’ll know the importance of getting into a rhythm and building momentum. You may have taken an afternoon off, but if it’s given you inspiration, you’ll probably be typing non-stop for hours or even days to come.

Overcome writers block by going outside and seeing the worlds

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Writer’s block is an affliction that affects almost every writer. Whether you’re finding it hard to focus or you’re struggling to put pen to paper, it is possible to beat writer’s block. Read more, and use other people’s ideas to generate your own thoughts. Get out and about, change your routine, and use your experiences as inspiration. Don’t be afraid to carry on your learning journey. You can benefit from spending time with others. Every person you come across and every book you read will affect you in some way.

How do you overcome creative blocks?

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