Breathe New Life into Old Writing

(This is a super short, quick tips post that will take less than 5 minutes to read)

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, one of the things I love about it is that gradual build up of great value I can share.

Some of my most popular workshops sprung from an idea for a blog post.

The beauty of building up a library of content is that you can use it over and over again in different ways.

I wrote a guest post for SHC Social Media recently on 16 Ways to Repurpose Your Content, but there are other things you can do to breathe new life into your old writing:


Share it again. Use scheduling tools, such as Hootsuite, to re-share old content. Thursday’s are ‘Throwback Thursday’ so use that popular hashtag to get more eyes on it:




Change the format

If it was a written piece before, why not turn it into a video? or an infographic?

You could also create new images for the post to use in social media updates when you re-share the links.


Rewrite for a new audience

When you first wrote the piece you would have had a particular audience in mind. As your business has evolved, have you got new audiences that you now cater for?

Re-write and reissue the original post adapted for them, changing the call the action on the post to one that’s appropriate for them.


Review it for accuracy

Things inevitably change. Your opinion, your knowledge, technology, and input from others. Create an updated piece of content, referencing the original and adding what’s changed.

For example: ’round up posts’ – If you’re written a ‘5 Best TED Talks on X Subject’ in the past, revisit it and add the latest great videos on the topic to the list. Or if you’ve talked about a service and it has changed in some way, revisit it.


Change the headline

Could you update the piece and rename it?

You could also use different headlines for the piece when you share it on social media – ie: schedule in different Tweets for the same content link.


Change the context

This can be a fun one. Try changing the tenses and point of view of an existing piece of content and see how it changes the feel of it.

For example: instead of saying ‘I’ or ‘we’ say ‘you’. Instead of using a past tense, use present tense. Experimenting with your use of language, tense and syntax can really liven things up.


What clever things have you done to revive your old writing?

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