16 Great Ways to Re-purpose Content

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Every time you write a piece of content you’re creating something new, something with the potential to use over and over again.

I recently told a client I was lazy. He gave me a crooked look and said; “Way to sell yourself, Amy?”

…I’m lazy because; I like to have simple systems and processes in place so I can get stuff done, quickly and effectively, leaving room in my day to do what I enjoy. There’s no sense in constantly reinventing the wheel. I want to do something once then re-use, re-purpose and recycle it (without being repetitive).

This is what I do for my clients through; workshops, content sharing, public speaking and working 1:1 to help them be more productive in their businesses.

Why re-invent the wheel. Recycle, re-use, re-purpose.
Why re-invent the wheel. Recycle, re-use, re-purpose.

When I create a new piece of content, I look for ways I can use that knowledge in different ways – wheels aren’t just for wagons, after all.

16 ways to re-purpose content

Here are 16 ways to make the most out of that piece of content.

It’s not just a blog post, it can also be…

  1. Workshop handouts
  2. The basis of a face to face workshop
  3. A flow chart
  4. Built into an online course
  5. Visually represented as an infographic
  6. Recorded as a podcast
  7. Presented in video form
  8. Turned into a cartoon
  9. A printable
  10. Made into a quiz
  11. Gamified
  12. Revisited and referenced into an updated post
  13. Used as a checklist
  14. Presentation slides to deliver as a talk
  15. Expanded on to form the basis of an eBook
  16. Compiled, along with other posts, into an eBook. I’ve done this with ‘Authorpreneur Almanac’.

I took 52 of my best blog posts and added some new content to create a once a week digest of tips and inspiration. Get the eBook HERE

Have a I missed anything? How have you re-used your existing content?

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