How to Increase Viewers on your Instagram Stories – A Guest Post

Save Save This week I’m proud to host another guest on the blog. Sheena Mathieson pitched a content idea to me and her timing was perfect. I’ve just entered the mysterious world of Instagram. Here I am… I’ve been resisting; with Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest already tugging at […]



5 Top Accounting Tips for Start-ups – A Guest Post

What’s the one area of your business that scares you?   For me, it’s the financial stuff, I’ve always been bad at numbers – I still have cold sweats when I think about the evil teacher I had at primary school – Mr Williams – who made fun of me […]

Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

So you’ve written a blog post. You’ve read through it a couple of times, looked at the preview to make sure it’s all laid out properly on the page, you’re hovering your mouse over the ‘Publish’ button. You freeze. Freak out. You read it again. You spot another mistake and […]

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Rock Your Writing with a Blog

I first started blogging about three years ago. What started as a way to share ideas, evolved from a bit of fun on Blogger to an integral part of my marketing strategy to build my authorpreneur business. Although, I admit, I’m a bit slack at monitoring the stats behind my […]

Will Work for Views: Top Tips for YouTube Self-Marketing (Guest Post)

This week, I’m pleased to host a guest blog from a great guy I met at an entrepreneurs and opportunity seekers meet up in Bristol recently. A young copywriter that endeavours to turn water into wine and wine into even nicer wine. Using a degree in Creative Writing and an […]

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Follow Your Dreams, but not for these 10 reasons

Follow Your Dreams (but not for these 10 reasons)…

I’ve been following the progress of one inspiring young entrepreneur in the states for a while now, Marc Guberti. He’s written a couple of guest blogs for me in the past: 4 Ways to get More Twitter Chatter 3 Ways to Get Better Time Management He is also a prolific […]

3 Powerful Words to Clinch that Sale

Last week, I had a stand at my first trade show… I made some great connections and spoke to lots of fascinating businesses, as well as catching up with some familiar faces. One such face was Tony Pizii. Tony is an independent, whole of market personal insurance broker, whose specialism […]

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Sharing the Business Karma

Last month, I made a pledge at a group coaching event run by the wonderfully inspiring Amanda Kerin to guest blog more. To coin a phrase used by James Comer – an accountant specialising is supporting small businesses, who I met recently – I like the ‘business karma’ of hosting […]

My Business Expo Checklist

On Thursday 14th July 2016 I’ll be hosting my first ever stall at a big business exhibition. I’m both excited and terrified! I’ve done jobs fairs and business shows many times in the past, but on those occasions I’ve always been wearing somene else’s uniform and promoting someone else’s business […]

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To Freebie or not to Freebie

To Freebie, or Not To Freebie… That Is The Question

…I’m a writer so I love a Bill Shakespeare pun! It’s a tough one, isn’t it? As entrepreneurs we rue the fact that we do so much work with no financial recognition, all on the premise that eventually it will pay off. We bemoan those cheeky folks that take advantage […]