Clean Up Greenwashing

From ‘carbon neutral’ flights to ‘net zero’ bottled water, dishonest green PR is on the rise. Consumer demand for ethical, sustainable businesses is increasing, but some businesses would rather fake it, deceive, or distract us to avoid taking responsibility for Continue reading Clean Up Greenwashing

My Big Plastic Count Results

Did you do the Big Plastic Count last week? My results are in! 69 pieces of plastic in the Morse house and 49 of them were cellophane wrapped packets from our Gousto boxes. I’m disappointed that ONE place is responsible Continue reading My Big Plastic Count Results

Calling Out The Biggest Plastic Polluters

Calling out the plastic polluters

Every month, I collect the stories that fascinate, inspire, educate and are generally worth keeping for reference on a Flipboard monthly magazine. I try to keep it positive, but sometimes, some stories stand out. I found this article on Reuters Continue reading Calling Out The Biggest Plastic Polluters