The Cost Of Living Is Unsustainable

It’s a familiar mantra – reported in the media as a ‘Cost Of Living’ crisis – as if rising costs are a temporary blip, that we should sit tight and ride it out. Which would make sense, if there was Continue reading The Cost Of Living Is Unsustainable

Why Sustainability Should Define Your Startup

start up sustainably planet Earth

When you startup something new, you have a golden opportunity to set the agenda, define your values and boldly assert your presence for the future. “Be the change you want to see in the world,” is a quote attributed to Continue reading Why Sustainability Should Define Your Startup

Clean Up Greenwashing

From ‘carbon neutral’ flights to ‘net zero’ bottled water, dishonest green PR is on the rise. Consumer demand for ethical, sustainable businesses is increasing, but some businesses would rather fake it, deceive, or distract us to avoid taking responsibility for Continue reading Clean Up Greenwashing

Sustainability: A Holistic Approach

The cost of doing business should not be the Earth. Sustainability is a word that gets thrown around casually, as if it’s something you can retrofit into your business – a ‘nice to have’. What do we really mean when Continue reading Sustainability: A Holistic Approach

Project Hobo Stove

Hen’s Tooth allotment has given me a great opportunity to experiment with some off-grid projects. I’m breaking things down into baby steps; projects I can do in a day, or work on at home and take to Hen’s Tooth. Part Continue reading Project Hobo Stove

Project No Dig

When I took on Hen’s Tooth, I was keen to use sustainable practices when working the land. Healthy crops start with healthy soil. The Importance of Soil Soil health is an important aspect of agriculture and environmental sustainability. It plays Continue reading Project No Dig

Project Shed(s) Revamp

tools in a shed

Being the custodian of an allotment is a marathon, not a sprint. There is so much potential at Hen’s Tooth. I’m pacing myself with different projects and sharing my progress here, to inspire others to make the most of the Continue reading Project Shed(s) Revamp

The First Month at Hen’s Tooth Plot

It’s been about a month since I took on my Bristol allotment – Hen’s Tooth. What to do first? I’ve still not gotten over the excitement of taking on my allotment plot, but there is so much to do. It’s Continue reading The First Month at Hen’s Tooth Plot

The Joy of My First Allotment

fruit and veg my first allotment

Once you get the growing bug, you can never have enough space!  I’ve been growing my own produce for as long as I’ve had little garden’s to do it in; with mixed success.  Never enough space I’ve only ever had Continue reading The Joy of My First Allotment

Review Of The Year Without Supermarkets

I went a year without shopping in supermarkets. What did I learn from the experience and would I go back to my old shopping habits? Continue reading Review Of The Year Without Supermarkets